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iPhone App - WHMCS+

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Many sophisticated online web hosts use WHMCS, one of the most widely-used billing systems out there, but what's a billing system without a useful, easy to use, and of course user friendly app? Wait no longer! Meet WHMCS+. No need to use other slow, and crashtastic (we're sure that's a word!) apps, use ours instead! Designed by WHMCS users, for WHMCS users. Answer tickets in the standard iOS conversation UI - it's so simple to find out which tickets you need to reply to, it can be done at the click of a button. Not only this, but with our unique and simple dashboard you can find out exactly what you need to just by launching the app.

You don't need the iWHMCS add-on, and it works with every installation of WHMCS.

You will also receive free upgrades for the app as we are continuously improving it.


Interested? Great! Buy it now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/whmcs+/id862694441?l=nl&ls=1&mt=8


Psst! First few people to read this can have the app on us! (app redemption codes are below!)


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bugs/missing from what i can see:


1 client address details don't show the telephone number (hyperlinked to dialler)

2, client email address could be hyper linked to mail app

3, maybe an 'open ticket' for a client

4, swipe to delete a ticket seems to close it, rather than 'delete' i wish to delete tickets so feedback emails are not sent

5, no domain list/search to see who owns a domain, and no list of domains under the client


apart from that a good start


- - - Updated - - -


cliens > view services crashes most of the time

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an app is faster and designed for the screen so easier to use


the second factor authentication is not great with the phone browser, and we run .htaccess access control on the admin folder, so this causes issues accessing the admin area on a mobile


why don't you use a browser like any other phone on the market...
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It not a matter of working in a browser, its called SECURITY. we only allow certain IP's into the admin and damn if ATT isnt very co-operative with that LOL

The surprising thing is you can access all data for the admin without even having access to the admin directory. If you set an API key which is needed for both iWHMCS, aWHMCS and WHMCS+ it just calls the API which is under includes/api.php


That is why we suggest using a very strong key and SSL.

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I would love to send invoices on the go, it would make my work much, much easier! :)

Thanks for the suggestion I will put it on the list.

I just submitted to Apple a bug fix, if the crash when loading clients is not fixed then please let me know so I can investigate. I have tested it up to 1000 clients.

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What's up with the app? Still really interested, but I would like to send invoices on the go. Did you made any process? Thanks!

We already did a small update for some bug fixes. We got many feedback via email and are working on following this feedback and publishing a big update with extra features and WHMCS 5.2.x support.

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I bought this app today and unfortunately had to get a refund for it. Once I enter my WHMCS details the app crashes. I then tried opening the app again, multiple times but it just crashes/closes by itself. The website for the app is just a default WordPress installation, so no way of even submitting a support ticket or getting it fixed.


I'm using an iPhone 5 with iOS 7.1.1.

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Yes it is a sad fact that whmcs has not updated the description letting people know that this does not work on existing whmcs installs on ios7


it does seem to work on brand new stock installs but thats it


this is not whmcs product this is an after market


the whmcs app appears to work if you have more than 1 admin, both this app and the whmcs one are still working on ios8

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Yes Ryan, I missed that they were not talking about the official app, however it should be mentioned that it DOES NOT work with IOS7


does work with iOS 7, i have it installed on iOS 7 devices it also works on ios8 as i have it installed on ios8 devices too

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