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Set new expiry date when customer pays for domains

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We mainly sell .no-domains. WHMCS lacks support for automation of .no, so we register and renew domains automatically (actually we use auto-renew for all domains, and just disable the ones that are not paid for or cancelled).


Problem is, when a customer pays the renewal fee, the expiry date isn't changed. Instead WHMCS generates a new record in the to-do-list, like this:

04/04/2014 Manual Domain Renewal	Client ID 229 has paid for the renewal of domain abcdef.no		Pending	04/04/2014


So we have to open each and every domain and manually set the expiry date to +1 year. If the renewal fee is paid late, we also have to change it from Expired to Active.


Does anyone know of an addon that can do this automatically for paid domains, or if there's a way to get WHMCS to do it? We have thousands of domains that have to be manually adjusted, so it would be great if there was a way to fix this annoying "flaw".

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i've never registered a .no, but when you say WHMCS lacks automation of them, do you have the TLD assigned to a registrar? i'm assuming not, as it's creating a to-do list after the renewal...




When enabled, entries will be created automatically in the To-Do List when a domain-related action occurs that requires manual intervention.

if you could link the tld to a registrar, then that should resolve your issues (including syncing expiry dates).


btw - does it change the next due date when payment is confirmed? that is the date WHMCS uses for automated billing rather than the expiry date.

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