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SSL Product Configuration: Duration and SAN

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We're working on configuring the GoGetSSL.com catalogue of SSL certificates in WHMCS but don't see an obvious path for making all of the configurable product features (e.g., additional domains [sAN], long-term issuance [4- and 5-year certificates], etc) available during the order process.


We've already read...


the Addons and Configurable Options documentation, and

the GlobalSign SSL documentation


...and used these [together] as a template for setting-up the products in WHMCS.


i.e., It's fairly labor-intensive but...


  • The duration of the cerficiate can be set-up easily enough, and;
  • The additional domain names can be set-up easily enough

...by creating a separate configuration option group with two different configuration options [Years & SAN] for each product.


But, IIUC, the unit cost of any additional domain names should be multiplied by the duration of the certificate and there doesn't appear to be logic built-in to WHMCS to accomodate this.


Is there some way to use WHMCS to achieve this?



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      I upgraded my WHMCS to the latest version last week, and just today and yesterday, after I pass the login page for the admin section of WHMCS, it loads index.php but shows only a blank page.
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