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On my website, I want to add the english language to my French defaut language... with 2 flags top right in header... I have a whmcs template, and after talks with them, they told me to come and ask here if someone can help...


Please understand well that what I need it the possible translation of header, homepage, footer, and my products pages, and a few more...


It appears to me non sense that Whmcs integrated a multilanguage system only for client area...

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if you buy no half pixels pages module it will allow you to do everything you want, its also easy to use whmcs in the root folder with this module if you want to do that instead of doing the pages manually.


Its easy to do it either way in whmcs and I can help you if you want and still need help.

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Hi PanserKen

PanserKen is offline


I have bought the module you mentioned, and I'm stuck between seo url problems, ssl, and the lack of information how to use it... it works, but it sounds not good... It seems the module is creating pages under client area only ! which is absolutely not what I want... I need a header, footer, homepage, and product pages to be in the language the visitor has asked from an integrated flag in header... like any other ordinary bilingual website in this world...


May be I missed something...


I could prefer to do it manually, but as I'm not not very skilled, I have a problem of display when I duplicate an existing page here : http://www.yoorshop.fr/hebergement-mutualise.php


To here with a new name :



With this I'm far to reach my objective, as this one is supposed to be simpliest for product pages

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hi LMG,


Today it is done at least, it's been not easy at all to do... You can see the result :



I tested 2 modules that creates pages, but it was not working th way needed for product pages, and for SEO purpose the secondary page was staying with name of intial language + '?language=german' by ex...


Finally, I hired the guy who sold me the module, an egyptian guy cheap and competent... to create real pages in the secondary languages I needed for product pages, for the rest, whmcs soft ok.


It is to be noted that I remarked also some other problems during this experience :


Some part of WHMCS software do not alloaw to give the right url link for Terms by ex, during order processing... and some other details...

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