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Free DNS with domain registration works with existing domina


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I apologize if this was answered somewhere but I was unable to find any information on the forum or in the documentation. I offer free cPanel accounts with DNS control, forwarding, and an email with any domain purchase. The issue is I have had several sign-ups that are using existing domains registered elsewhere and the checkout process allows it to go through and gives them a cPanel. I don't want spammers setting up accounts on domains that may have had the IP blacklisted on other servers and are then moving to spam from my server. How can I make sure the domain is registered during the checkout process before it provisions an account for them?


Thanks in advance.

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if you don't want them to be able to use existing domains with any of your services, you can disable the option in settings.


setup -> general settings -> domains -> untick "Allow clients to use their own domain"


I guess in your example, you may also need to disable transfers too.

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I am currently using the Verticalsteps, I will try to look at it this evening and see if I can add anything to the template to avoid it. I'm not experienced with smarty however so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

in the Verticalsteps folder, there is a template file called - configureproductdomain.tpl - open it up and edit the following (at line 34 on mine):


{if $owndomainenabled}

change it to...


{if $owndomainenabled and $productinfo.pid neq "20"}

so for all products, apart from the one with the product ID of 20, the client can use their own domain - for pid 20, they cannot.


now for you the pid won't be 20 (or if it is it's a complete fluke!) - you'll need to go to products/services, find the product you want to disable this option for, click on "Links" and find the direct shopping cart link - it should be something like... cart.php?a=add&pid=20 - you will then need to make a note of whatever the number is after "pid=" and put that in the above code instead of 20.


hope that helps.

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