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How to set-up different prices for domain only customers?


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I am wondering if someone could help me with how to set-up different domain prices for customers with domains only.


- I have created a client group 'Domain only', but not able to find how to give this group different domain prices.


Any help much appreciated.

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Setup -> Products/Services -> Domain Pricing


then click on the "Open Pricing" link for the tld you want to add prices for (e.g .com), and then when the popup opens, click the dropdown and select your "Domain Only" client group and then enter your different prices.


repeat for the other tld's.

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nothing to run - i've just tested this on our installation.


once you open pricing for a tld, select the client group from the dropdown, you will be asked to activate the new pricing slab - when you do, it's fills the table with the default prices which you can then adjust however you wish - click save changes.


then either by logging in as the client, or via admin new order (ensuring you select the client), the new price will be used.


I think there is a little quirk in admin where if you enter the domain first, without choosing a client in the domain only group, and then re-select the domain only client, the price doesn't automatically change - but you can get around that by switching the radio button for registration/transfer to the opposite setting and back again - and then the price will update.

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Correct for new domain registrations

But, unless I have a setting somewhere wrong, an existing customer has the Recurring amount still showing the 'old' price from when he was in the 'default slab'. When a renewal invoice is generated automatic, it uses this price and not the new one from the Domain only slab. You see what I mean?

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aah ok, I never thought about renewals.


you are correct that it will use the recurring price - the good news is that there is a facility in WHMCS to mass update the recurring prices... the bad news is that it hasn't worked in the last few releases.




and a possible workaround.




I think it's scheduled to be fixed in v5.3

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Hmm, this bulk updater is sooo buggy, I ran it and domains with id protection are now price as for only domain, so need to go through his manually! Seems someone else has this problem as well when reading your url. Another things is when I looked at the bulk price updater, it doesn't show all other slabs!!! I assume all slabs will get same price, or only the default slab is updated, don't even want to try it, as it less work to go manually now check who have domains only and change the recurring prices. I liked AWBS for this, as whenever you changed the price it was updated everywhere, only already generated invoices where not effected! Seems WHMcs could learn from this.


- - - Updated - - -


Another buggy thing is that I tried to renew as customer, but it seems not to allow you to renew a domain name for more years then initially registered for. :-((

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Right, it seems to work fine for most domains, but of course I tried to renew an .co.uk domain in the client environment it shows: Days Until Expiry 636 Days, Minimum Advance Renewal is 180 Days! Means if this customer wants to add 6 more years, he can't, so why is this wait for .co.uk 180 days and for all other domains you can add more years? Funny enough, if I press the renew button in the admin it renews.... Hmmm....


Yes, added prices to renew up to 8 years for all domains in all slabs

After an issue with 10 years renewal which failed, i decided 8 is the max :-(


Found this:



$DomainRenewalGracePeriods[".com"] = "40";

$DomainRenewalMinimums[".co.uk"] = "180";

$DomainRenewalGracePeriods[".co.uk"] = "97";


But, none are set in my configuration file!

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