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Client Password Reset Bug - 5.2.8


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I'm having two different issues right now:


1) Most Important - I'm currently having an issue where when customers visit the login page & select "Password Reset" they receive the click url to start the reset process. Upon clicking this link, no password is ever sent to the customer.


2) Still Important - When our agents resend welcome emails to customers such as the "Client Signup Email", or "Client Area Details Reminder" the password shows up as "************". However the admin area "Reset & Send Password" or the email template "Automated Password Reset" work perfectly fine.


How do I resolve both of these issues? We need the ability for our customers to safely request & receive their changed passwords. We also require the ability to resend out the customers Signup Email AND Client Area Details Reminder emails without the password being hidden.

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Hi Josh,


the password reset issue is not a bug - it's just that you haven't updated your templates in a while!


to save time, i'll quote WHMCS John on this...


This suggests the /templates/*your active template*/pwreset.tpl and pwresetvalidation.tpl files are out of date (ie. weren't updated when upgrading).


Please copy the aforementioned files from /templates/default/ to /templates/*your active template*/ , then clear your template cache (Utilities > System > System Cleanup) and the issue should be resolved.

the way password reset works now is that the email will send them a link to log into the site and they then enter a new password - I think they'll then receive a second email telling them their password has been changed, but it won't include what the password is.


you may have to also update your email templates to take account of this change.


with regards to the second issue, i'm sure i've read the answer to this but can't find it in a search - but these might help...




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