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WHMCS Will not do 5.2.8 Patch on Custom File they Built!!


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WHMCS did a custom module for us, and one of the files that was customized is included in this patch. We contacted WHMCS, and they refuse to give us a patched version of the customized file, so I cannot patch my install. They say that they will ask development to add the hooks I need to their API, and then I can build the module from scratch myself!


I tried using the whole patch as well as just the non custom files in the patch, and it takes my whole site down due to db changes they made, so that will not work.


Does anyone have a phone number or emergency contact they can pm to me so that I can somehow get them to do this?

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wow.. that is an absolute disgrace, everything about WHMCS these days seems to revolve around, Pay us more money or suck it up, our mistakes become your problem and we have no problem with that.


I assume you offered to pay for the work?

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They say they will not do any more custom work, and will not support any custom work they did in the past. I am not sure what to do about this. Very frustrating.

I could understand it if they referred me to some other developer who could do the job, but no one else can do this since it is their encrypted file that must be patched. The worst part is that this is only one file, and they already have the patch. They just need to insert it into my file and encode it.

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So a few very obvious questions.


1) If that is the case why wont they give you a decrypted version?

2) Did they notify you xx days in advance they would no longer be supporting worth they have done?

3) If they will not update it/ patch it/ give you the code to take to someone else to maintain I assume they are happy to then give you a refund for the work done as through bed security practice in code they have rendered it useless?

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No, they will not give me the decrypted versions of the files, or at least they have not yet. The real issue is not just that they have rendered their work useless, it is that they will not do a security patch, and their is no option to do this patch myself or have someone else do it, since it is their encrypted file.

They said they will add the API hooks so that I can develop a module that will replace the functionality of their mod, but that is some time in the future.

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