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My order was flagged "Fraud"


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We were building a VOIP site. WHMCS was recommended to me by an old friend who helped write modules I used his affiliate link to sign up he contributed a fair share durring his couple years working on WHMCS projects. He showed me the software and dam we were going to include this in our core company application.


I signed up through the web following his link to refer me. Then the worst service came my way.


My account showed up as "fraud" after it was created. After sending a support email I was told nothing about why my order was flagged "Fraud" only instructions to complete a pdf form sign it and also send a copy of personal information, my government identification OR a picture of the front and back of my visa logo (prepaid even) card.


Since my PREPAID visa card was addressed to California and I travel and work out of state. They decided to hold up the order and demand proof of who i was. I am still confused of how my purchase of an 18$ one month license is flagged when I had bought 4 domains 2 vps's other middle ware an office, desks EVERYTHING I needed but this pice I had almost everything ready to start work.


Well I send the documents the requested, twice....


here is the form http://www.whmcs.com/members/dl.php?type=d&id=32


Read it there is no question what I must provide.


says clearly ID OR Credit Card must be sent one or the other. I then take the time to comply with this pain in my a$$ because I am sure this is to prevent fraud, not just inconvenience me, to help all of us live safer...


so I sent the forms the form required, twice no response from admins... Now I am reading all the horrors about the "fraud detector" from end users to developers this system is worthless according to numerous people over the web.


But I sent my Gov. ID twice as well as the form required from the link above (read it it's pretty clear) and I wait and wait and wait, Then an almost troll response from a Stephen " Hi Cory,


> We run a number of checks on every order we receive, one of which compares

> the address you entered into our order form against the location of the IP

> address you used to place the order. Our fraud system seems to think you

> aren't placing the order from your account registered address.


> Is there a reason for this difference in IP location and the address?" Well I replied "I travel" the wonders of IT right...?!? Then i advised him it was a prepaid card hell I even sent him that card front and back, twice. as a bonus to the info required by the form I had to download and fill out and email back twice.


Then he has the nerve to tell me my prepaid visa card (only loaded with cash those prepaid ones are anyway) doesn't have a signature on the back and please sign it and take another picture send him a picture again so he can see if it matches the stupid form I had sent him twice many moons ago. Not to mention my GOV> ID CARD HAS MY SIG ON IT!!


Holy moly if I was not already reading about all the problems that everyone has with this same system attacking real customers (not just us devs) that try to use the service, while still not stopping fraud according to the forums I might of done it. Hours and hours wasted then asking me to send all this pretty darn personal stuff and still giving me crap is beyond absurd. Thank god after all these hours of waiting I decided to go with a VOIP billing system anyways... I have never went through that much trouble in my life ordering anything EVER and to be asked to send over more personal info.


WOW this just crazy. Bye Bye I hope I get my 18 dollars back too, Thanks I am into this one over 12 hours and nothing to show but a case of the worst treatment of a potential heavy dollar spending customer.

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