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Yes this is a leading question, but please humour me.


If you were running a software development company and a customer brought to your attention a serious flaw in your software that causes their customers credit funds to disappear without warning. A problem that is likely to affect hundreds, if not thousands of businesses and their customers - would you...


A. Thank them for bringing it to your attention and start working on a fix for it.




B. Explain that "it's not a bug" and direct the customer towards your feature request page as if you couldn't care less.

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Could you explain further what happened? The feature etc...


Of course if it is as you described (does sound like a bug) I'd have opted for option A.


Though (if this is related to WHMCS) I'd assume they'd go with option A if that was indeed the case, they know the software better than anyone else so without further details its hard to say in this specific case.

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1. Customer adds credit to their account.


2. They pay an invoice that is partially paid by those credits and go to the payment gateway to pay.


3. They cancel during the payment process. This cancels the invoice automatically.


4. The credits do not get returned to the customer - they stay in the cancelled invoice.


So this causes the customers credits to completely disappear without any warning to us or them. We would not be aware that it happened and it seems often the customer isn't either.


I consider this to be a bug. It's at the very least a serious design flaw. When I brought it to the attention of WHMCS, I was told categorically it is not a bug, it's the way WHMCS is designed and if I want the behaviour changing I will need to submit a feature request.


I'm not happy about that. I don't want my customers funds to go missing!

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