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  1. Thanks for your reply Steven. #1 In my original post I explained the following "There is an option in the automation settings to NOT delete expired cards if the box is ticked. The box is not ticked - therefore I would assume the card should be removed on expiry? " #2 When I look in the details of the transaction in Stripe - it shows the OLD expiry date. So WHMCS has sent the payment through to Stripe and the card saved in Stripe has expired - but the transaction went through anyway. Perhaps this is a problem with Stripe and not with WHMCS? I can't see anywhere in the Stripe settings in the Stripe dashboard where the handling of card expiry can be managed / configured. However, if WHMCS was removing expired cards like it is supposed to do - this problem wouldn't happen at all! I was really hoping others had experienced the same issue of expired cards not getting removed. I don't like the idea that this issue is unique to my installation. We don't have any customisations in place.
  2. Responding to my own thread from over a year ago... Had this again recently. Stripe module. Customers card is not valid as it is expired. WHMCS didn't remove the card and continued to charge it with the incorrect expiry date. The charge went through - but the client's bank later issued a chargeback and the funds were taken back - and we were issued a chargeback fee. The client had no idea about any of it until we contacted him to explain what had happened. With Visa cards, perhaps some are re-issued with the same number, but a different expiry date? Not sure. My cards always seem to have a different number on them when I get a new one. Has anyone else experienced WHMCS not removing expired cards with the Stripe module?
  3. That will do the job perfectly Brian - thanks for that.
  4. Using 7.8.3 currently. I noticed that if you create a sub account - even if it has no privileges it can use the "Payment methods" option and add / remove the main account payment methods. Can anyone confirm that this is fixed in a later version? I've checked the changelog and I can't find anything.
  5. This is probably quite simple but beyond my level of expertise. All I want to do is have an additional choice for another set of nameservers on the nameservers option of clientareadomaindetails.tpl When the client goes to change nameservers they are currently presented with two options... 1. Default Nameservers 2. Custom Nameservers I want to add another option 1. Default Nameservers 2. DNS Only Nameservers 3. Custom Nameservers I would also like the option to switch to these nameservers via single button click - so on a page where the domain ID is available - a single click of a button would update the domains nameservers to these (without navigating away from the page). If this is too complicated I'm happy with just the option on the nameservers page as above. Willing to pay a reasonable fee for this work to be done.
  6. In the General Settings > Invoices I have only Visa and Mastercard enabled. AMEX is not enabled. We are using Stripe. WHMCS is accepting AMEX payments. Is there a way to prevent this?
  7. Stripe module. Card with expiry date in the past was charged. Client's card was expired but then he was sent a new card with a new expiry date. Card details were not updated in WHMCS - so the old expiry date was still there. Problem 1. I thought WHMCS was supposed to automatically remove expired cards? There is an option in the automation settings to NOT delete expired cards if the box is ticked. The box is not ticked - therefore I would assume the card should be removed on expiry? Problem 2. WHMCS is still attempting payment on an expired card. Why? This was an issue for us today because the customer didn't want to renew - he assumed that the card in his account showing as expired would not be charged - but it was.
  8. You beat me too it! I'm an idiot. Nothing more to see here.
  9. Oh - I don't think commission is applied at all to domain registrations. That was a waste of 5 minutes posting on here. Sorry about that 😄
  10. Hi, is there a way to prevent affiliate commission being applied to domains?
  11. I recently moved our site to a new server which is IPV6 enabled. IPV6 is correctly configured and the servers IPV6 IP is added to our Nominet account for EPP Live. Port 700 is enabled in the firewall for outbound connections over IPV6 I don't specifically want to connect to Nominet over IPV6 but the WHMCS module will try IPV6 if it is available and it won't fall back to IPV4 if it has a problem. Unfortunately I'm getting "Error Connecting to tls://epp.nominet.org.uk on port 700". As soon as I disable IPV6 it connects over IPV4 again. I don't want to disable IPV6 on this server but I have to right now if I want the Nominet module to work. I was wondering if anyone here has successfully enabled IPV6 AND still been able to use the Nominet module in WHMCS. I'm trying to determine whether the issue is specific to my setup or whether the module just doesn't work over IPV6.
  12. Pretty bad that changing the case on an Email address causes such an error. I discovered this when a client set up their account with uppercase characters in their Email address and then tried to change it later to lowercase, they couldn't do it and received this error. It can be done successfully from the admin side though. I guess this is really a bug. @WHMCS John maybe something you need to fix? Also, I wonder why the error message is displayed when General Settings > Other > Display Errors is disabled?
  13. Excellent thank you. I wasn't ware there was a template for that!
  14. I really don't want to see error messages being displayed to my clients linking them back to the WHMCS documentation. Does anyone know how to stop that from happening? i.e to display a generic message without the debug info? I've looked through the settings inside WHMCS and I don't believe I have anything set up to show the full PHP error / stack trace to the client . Maybe I'm wrong there? I don't have General Settings > Other > Display Errors enabled. To re-create this problem, you only need to do something as simple as this... 1. Masquerade as a client by clicking the "Login as Client" option from within the WHMCS admin area. 2. Edit the clients profile details changing the first letter of their Email address to uppercase - i.e if their Email address was john.smith@blah.com - change it to John.smith@blah.com 3. Try to submit the changes - you will get this.... Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us. Back to Homepage For additional assistance, please reference the WHMCS TroubleShooting Guide » WHMCS\Exception\Model\UniqueConstraint: A "WHMCS\User\Client" record with "email" value "John.smith@blah.com" already exists. in /home/username/public_html/clients/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Model/Observer.php:0 Stack trace: #0 /home/username/public_html/clients/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Model/Observer.php(0): WHMCS\Model\Observer->enforceUniqueConstraint(Object(WHMCS\User\Client)) #1 [internal function]: WHMCS\Model\Observer->updating(Object(WHMCS\User\Client)) #2 /home/username/public_html/clients/vendor/illuminate/events/Dispatcher.php(347): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #3 [internal function]: Illuminate\Events\Dispatcher->Illuminate\Events\{closure}(Object(WHMCS\User\Client)) #4 /home/username/public_html/clients/vendor/illuminate/events/Dispatcher.php(221): call_user_func_array(Object(Closure), Array) #5 /home/username/public_html/clients/vendor/illuminate/events/Dispatcher.php(164): Illuminate\Events\Dispatcher->fire('eloquent.updati...', Array, true) #6 /home/username/public_html/clients/vendor/illuminate/database/Eloquent/Model.php(1675): Illuminate\Events\Dispatcher->until('eloquent.updati...', Object(WHMCS\User\Client)) #7 /home/username/public_html/clients/vendor/illuminate/database/Eloquent/Model.php(1534): Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model->fireModelEvent('eloquent.updati...') #8 /home/username/public_html/clients/vendor/illuminate/database/Eloquent/Model.php(1470): Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model->performUpdate(Object(Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder), Array) #9 /home/username/public_html/clients/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Client.php(0): Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model->save() #10 /home/username/public_html/clients/clientarea.php(0): WHMCS\Client->updateClient() #11 {main}
  15. @WHMCS John I'm not opening a ticket - your support is terrible and always results in you asking for access to my server. I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon than pass on any sensitive data to your staff. I don't have any confidence that you will be able to help me via your helpdesk. I'd rather rely on community help than use your support. Sorry but that's the honest truth.
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