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  1. Hi, is it normal for the client group "all" to be empty? All of our clients have the client group set to "none" and we haven't done anything to facilitate this. It has always been this way. I just recently updated to the latest version of WHMCS and now I find I cannot send out a mass Email. I start to create a campaign and I am asked which client group to send a message to. There is no option for "any" and If I choose "all" which is already selected by default - no recipients can be added to the campaign since there are no customer in that group. I've searched for a way to easily add all customers to a client group and there appears to be no way to do this - so how can I Email my customers? Is there a simple way to do this with a database query? How do I make it so all new customers are added to the group? EDIT - Well I feel stupid. Although its not obvious, CTRL and click to deselect the group allows the campaign to be created. I wonder if others have been caught out by this one...
  2. Can anyone comment on the behaviour of the module / WHMCS if the module is disabled / deleted? I want all the agreements to be removed. if I disable the MyWorks module and remove it - will all the paypal recurring "payment methods" associated with this module be correctly removed form the database or will I need to clean it up manually?
  3. I'm 100% sure - however, we never received any warning until the 6th of May 2021 that there would be any changes to the licensing. In the Email sent on that date - it says "We recently sent you an email regarding upcoming changes to the license tier structure of WHMCS licenses." but we were never sent that Email (or didn't receive it) and had renewed our support contract as normal in January for 12 months. The invoice date was 13th Jan and at that time I had no knowledge of any upcoming changes. The first I heard about it was via the Email on the 6th of May. Edit... Google search seems to reveal that the original announcement was only on the 6th of April 2021 - and in this thread here... So we would have renewed our support contract before this announcement happened. Did you get your dates mixed up or something?
  4. I've just checked - it was Jan not Feb. We renewed our support in Jan 2021 and it ran out in Jan 2022. I guess some time in between those dates they stopped allowing support renewals. Version 8.3.2 was released some time near the end of 2021, so without any support now we are stuck with this version until we are prepared to pay the 2000% increase ransom of $2100 per year, instead of the $100 we were paying before. I honestly wouldn't mind paying the lower tier at $99 per month but as we are on the low end of the next tier, it's gonna hurt when we have to start paying. It's just too much, especially when you consider how poorly managed and maintained this software is.
  5. 8.3.2 with owned licence. Support ran out in Feb this year. We do have customers paying by GoCardless, so I wonder if the mandate signup works fine on an initial order - rather than when manually paying an invoice. I'm looking for a way to invoke this without having to upgrade WHMCS. I'm sure we will eventually need to upgrade, but I'd like to put it off as long as possible as the cost is so high.
  6. We are on version 8.3.2 as that is when our OWNED licence ran out. This version seems to work fine with the exception of the above problem with Gocardless. This hot fix doesn't work for 8.3.2. Obviously I don't want to update to the latest version and start paying out $175 a month when currently everything is mostly working fine. Is there a way for clients to set up a mandate outside of clicking on the invoice? We do have clients using gocardless so there must be another way to do it successfully.
  7. EDIT... Nominet replied to me again just now and said.... I am sorry for any confusion here, Yes we have a restriction that you can only renew a domain name 182 days prior to a renewal date. So the 180 days limit still stands and the restriction is still in place!
  8. Thanks John but those are minimum restrictions. I don't see an option for maximum - can you explain the difference and whether these are different settings? Also the documentation doesn't say specifically how to disable one of those settings - should I assume they should be set to zero in order to disable?
  9. I was attempting to add years to a clients domain when I came across this bug / problem. It's a Nominet domain (.co.uk)- it doesn't expire until March 2024 - but with Nominet you can register / renew domains to a maximum of 10 years - so I should be able to add 8 years to this domain. When I try to renew it in the cart, even for just one year, an error message is displayed "Maximum Advance Renewal is 180 Day(s) " and the renewal cannot be added to the cart. There is a grace period of 90 days for Nominet domains - but I'm not aware of any restriction that prevents you from renewing a domain until 180 days before it is due for renewal - assuming that's what Maximum Advance Renewal is 180 Day(s) means. I take that to mean "the domain is not within 6 months of renewal, so it cannot be renewed yet" - but this isn't a restriction put in place by Nominet at all. There are no such rules. If the client wants to add years, they must wait until after the 5th of July 2023. That makes no sense and it seems hard coded into WHMCS, because there is no setting I can find to modify this. I contacted Nominet and they said no such restriction is in place. So this is quite a big issue really. A client could renew their domain for a year but then decide to add another 5 years and be unable to do so until six months have passed. This will result in lost revenue for us. I searched this community for this issue and I can't see anyone else with the same problem.
  10. I believe this is related to dynamic 3d-Secure and 2FA in accordance to that - which has been enforced in the UK since the middle of March. Could it be that the "payment intent" part of the process to add a card in WHMCS is not correctly set up to use the 2FA 3D-Secure element that is now required by law?
  11. Hi - we are using WHMCS version 8.3.2 This relates to the Stripe module. When a customer tries to add a card by going to the payment methods option, the card can't be added and the error is that the card was declined. This seems to be due to a lack of 3d_secure integration into this process. We haven't had any complains from customers paying for an invoice manually by card, which then adds their card to the system - but manually adding a card from the payment methods page doesn't work. Is this the same for you too?
  12. Thanks for the hook Brian. We updated to the latest version just before our support contract runs out in Jan and immediately realised our most used links had been removed. I have a slight issue though. For me it's telling me there are 3 tickets awaiting reply when there are not. What could cause that?
  13. Thanks for your reply Steven. #1 In my original post I explained the following "There is an option in the automation settings to NOT delete expired cards if the box is ticked. The box is not ticked - therefore I would assume the card should be removed on expiry? " #2 When I look in the details of the transaction in Stripe - it shows the OLD expiry date. So WHMCS has sent the payment through to Stripe and the card saved in Stripe has expired - but the transaction went through anyway. Perhaps this is a problem with Stripe and not with WHMCS? I can't see anywhere in the Stripe settings in the Stripe dashboard where the handling of card expiry can be managed / configured. However, if WHMCS was removing expired cards like it is supposed to do - this problem wouldn't happen at all! I was really hoping others had experienced the same issue of expired cards not getting removed. I don't like the idea that this issue is unique to my installation. We don't have any customisations in place.
  14. Responding to my own thread from over a year ago... Had this again recently. Stripe module. Customers card is not valid as it is expired. WHMCS didn't remove the card and continued to charge it with the incorrect expiry date. The charge went through - but the client's bank later issued a chargeback and the funds were taken back - and we were issued a chargeback fee. The client had no idea about any of it until we contacted him to explain what had happened. With Visa cards, perhaps some are re-issued with the same number, but a different expiry date? Not sure. My cards always seem to have a different number on them when I get a new one. Has anyone else experienced WHMCS not removing expired cards with the Stripe module?
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