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Best Server to Host WHMCS!


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Hi guys.


I am just in the final throws of putting my whmcs site live. I have been hosting it on my cPanel server for testing but feel it would be better to have it on its own VPS for live purposes.


Can anyone give and suggestions on flavour of server?


Would Ubuntu 12.04 with a basic LAMP install be best?


Is there any extra security concerns apart from the usual, I would obviously lock it down as much as I could using iptables.



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It depends on your level of expertise - cPanel is obviously just a front end for the OS, etc and so if you're happy to configure everything manually then a plain LAMP server will certainly work, however it may make a bit more work for you as you will have more to manually manage. cPanel will provide a very easy to configure environment as well as some security measures with it.


Wht makes you think it will be batter off without cPanel? Bear in mind also that there is much more to security than just IPTables - you need to ensure that you have secure builds and configs for all services and apps, eg Apache, PHP, etc for a start.

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Hi Penhiun.


Thanks for the reply.


Its not that I have anything against runnning in on cpanel, just that I think it would be better to have my Website on a seperate server to the one I host client accounts on.


I dont really want to have to pay for a cPanel license for a dedicated vps just to host my website and whmcs install.



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I certainly agree that you need to keep your site on a separate server to that of your clients - just be aware that if you don't use cPanel you'll be adding quite a bit more work in manually keeping everything up to date and secure. The cost of the cPanel licence should more than cover the cost of your time in managing it manually, which should be far more beneficial for you to then spend your time on the business itself

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