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  1. It's because they are not passing a user agent with the curl request and so this blocks it. A simple fix but nothing from them for this yet
  2. We've got a bug open with WHMCS regarding this - the issue is that the check triggers a modsecurity rule as it's not using the correct curl syntax when checking the certificate. It's either a case of whitelisting the rule, or waiting for a fix from them to use the correct curl commend in this check. It doesn't have any operational issues though as you know the SSL cert is working correctly.
  3. Health & Updates : Warnings and Failures

    For info, I've got a bug filed against this (#CORE-10834) - the reason this is often being seen is that the curl command is triggering a mod security rule due to no useragent being passed with the curl connection, therefore as WHMCS does not see a 200 response it shows as an SSL issue.
  4. curl system health

    That's just a list of what they offer - you would need to check with them if they actually keep the packages up to date as the version numbers won't change for most of these
  5. curl system health

    It's safe to ignore as long as you are on a Redhat/CentOS v6 server and it is fully up to date - you would need to confirm that with HostGator though if you're not managing your own server. Being a shared server however has no reflection on whether or not it is being maintained and kept up to date.
  6. curl system health

    If you're running CentOS/Redhat v6 then you don't need to do anything. This is the shipped version and as long as your OS is up to date then this is secure. Redhat/CentOS backport fixes into the same version, therefore this will always remain as 7.19.7
  7. Yes, 6.3.2 is the current, secure version within the 6.x branch - the other notice is just because v7.1.1 is newer and also available as an upgrade
  8. maxmind quit working says invalid key

    We had the same issue. Maxmind recently updated their billing for products and in the process cancelled the legacy free service what WHMCS users used to receive. They did admit however that they failed to notify anyone about this.
  9. Server module setup

    It depends on what solution you have in place. Many VPS platforms such as SolusVM have free WHMCS modules in place already which allow you to do this. For servers, this is a bit more dependent on your platform and how you wish to reboot them, for example via APC, IPMI, etc
  10. Recommended repository to upgrade php on Centos 7

    To be fair, the OS isn't part of WHMCS and so not something that their staff necessarily can or should even support. What version of PHP specifically are you looking to move to? Version 5.6 that it ships with is fully supported by WHMCS and so an upgrade shouldn't be needed yet unless you have any other specific requirements?
  11. Fatal error ionCube Encoder for PHP 4

    Yep, remove the ideal.php file as this module is no longer supported or distributed
  12. 6.2.0 Payment Gateways Page causes 500 error

    Check you've not got an old payment gateway still in place that was encoded for an earlier version of PHP. Enabling errors in General Settings -> Other -> Display errors will show you what one is causing it and you can then remove them
  13. Confirmed here too with the same behaviour
  14. You need to change your character set to UTF8 for both WHMCS as well as converting your database to UTF8 too. There is a thread on here that explains the process. We had the same issue after an upgrade of PHP a while back but the database conversion resolved it.
  15. Payment by check

    Yes, this is supported - it comes under 'Mail In Payment' in the payment gateways

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