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How to remove links from shopping cart categories?


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Hello, when my client goes to Services >> Order New Services >> Choose Another Category.....


A display comes up with all of the clickable links for all of the product categories. These links include all of the product categories I have added into the system but ALSO there are several category links that I wish to completely remove.


The categories I wish to remove are:


  • product addons
  • domain renewals
  • register domain
  • transfer domain


Could anybody be so kind as to steer me in the right direction? Thanks in advance! :D

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you could go into products & services and edit the group (or product) to make them hidden - there is a checkbox called "Hidden" that will hide the group / product from the order form to your customers - although you will still be able to order hte product from the admin side.

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Sorry I wasn't more clear but I am talking about the built in add-ons category in the cart. When my customer goes to Services >> Order New Services >> Choose Another Category... there is a box with rounded corners that appears and within this box is a list of clickable links to all of the categories that I have manually added into the system... also in this same box is a clickable link for product add-ons but I do not have any product add-ons so I would like to remove that link. It's not a big deal or anything critical.

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I know the box you were referring to, but logically if there are no product addons setup, then the option shouldn't appear in the box - however, seemingly it is and if you do have no product addons setup, I won't ask you to delete them! ;-)


what you could do is edit your template to remove them - which file to edit will depend on your order form template... so if you're using one of the default order forms (comparisons, cart, boxes etc), let me know which one and i'll tell you what to edit... if you use more than one (i.e a default one, and another for specific groups/products), you'll have to edit them both.

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Brian thank you for all your help I really appreciate it! If it will help here is a link to my client area: http://www.impactsocialmedia.net/whmcs/ I setup a temporary user id: metalkraft@comcast.net and the password is: test I am also embedding a screen shot to give a better view of what I am talking about. addon_link.jpg P.S. I am using the default template set albeit I have modified it extensively for branding and to suit my needs.

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thanks for the info... turned out to be useful as this "product addons" heading is only there when logged in.


in the "modern" folder inside the orderforms directory of your whmcs templates installation, you will need to edit the following four files...







each will contain the following...


<div id="categories">

{foreach key=num item=productgroup from=$productgroups}

{if $productgroup.gid neq $gid}<a href="cart.php?gid={$productgroup.gid}">{$productgroup.name}</a>{/if}


{if $loggedin}

{if $gid neq "addons"}<a href="cart.php?gid=addons">{$LANG.cartproductaddons}</a>{/if}

{if $renewalsenabled && $gid neq "renewals"}<a href="cart.php?gid=renewals">{$LANG.domainrenewals}</a>{/if}


{if $registerdomainenabled && $domain neq "register"}<a href="cart.php?a=add&domain=register">{$LANG.registerdomain}</a>{/if}

{if $transferdomainenabled && $domain neq "transfer"}<a href="cart.php?a=add&domain=transfer">{$LANG.transferdomain}</a>{/if}

<a href="cart.php?a=view">{$LANG.viewcart}</a>


the offending line to remove is...

{if $gid neq "addons"}<a href="cart.php?gid=addons">{$LANG.cartproductaddons}</a>{/if}

either delete it or turn it into a remark....

{* {if $gid neq "addons"}<a href="cart.php?gid=addons">{$LANG.cartproductaddons}</a>{/if} *}

btw - I hope you don't mind, but I spotted in your "Website Hosting" section that your pricing setup may not be correct - you have monthly pricing for the two products, but other billing cycles appear to be set at zero... the result of which is that while monthly purchases would be charged, if the customer chooses annually (or any of the others), they get it for free!


I think in your product settings you must have set the price to "0.00" - if you want to remove any billing cycles other than monthly, you can set them to -1 in the price table.


one other thing - you seem to have your domain names setup as products... and i'm assuming that's intentional rather than using the built-in domain registrar and transfer features... but I did notice that if the customer purchases a domain, they can't specify the domain that they want (i.e they can't edit the information into the cart - nor can they check to see if the domain is available)... so you would receive an order for a domain registration or transfer, but the customer has no way of letting you know which domain they want! :?:


as I said, this might be intentional and how you want to do things (or more likely you're still setting up your whmcs!), but I thought it worth mentioning.

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Brian thanks for all of your help it is greatly appreciated! :)


I was able to modify the templates per your instructions and now the add-ons link is gone.


Thanks for catching the recurring charge problem as I had only filled in the monthly amount when I selected recurring... I fixed that by filling in all the other prices for quarterly through tri-annual.


Lastly, I intentionally left out the automated domain checker and domain transfer etc. I hear what you're saying and I left it out because I only resell domains through Host Gator and they were not included in the list within WHMCS. I also set it up this way simply because I always prefer to interact with the customer when they are choosing a domain name as I can give them very helpful advice in that area. In the past I have had clients who made very terrible choices in choosing a domain name simply because they had no professional advice on the matter. The reason I disabled the domain transfer is because I am selective about what domains I will handle or host as I shy away from certain types of domains/hosts. I should and will add some descriptive text to the product description explaining to the customer to email me with details for a domain purchase or transfer.


Thank you for such detailed help! I am really impressed with the forum here and how well detailed and quick the responses are.

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i'm glad to have helped.


even though there is no module for hostgator, you could have used the "email" module to have the information emailed to you... however, I understand and appreciate your reasons for not wanting to use the registrar/transfer features.


one point about your idea of getting the customer to email you with details about the purchase/transfer, have you considered enabling "notes" in the order form? that would allow the customer to give you these details while ordering, rather than having to send a separate email.


General Settings -> Ordering -> Allow Notes on Checkout

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