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2CO Payment in Demo Mode Shows Incomplete


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I'm testing a new installation. 2checkout is setup in demo mode. The transition to the gateway is working fine and all info is being passed to 2checkout. I used the suggested test cc number and actually 'paid' for the order. I get my email receipts and everything looks fine.


However when I look at the order in WHMCS it shows the order payment status as 'Incomplete'


Is this because 2checkout is in demo mode, or should the order, since it was 'paid' and completed, show as complete?

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Anyone know the answer to this?


Sorry to hound on this but it's kinda important. I don't want to switch the store live if there is a problem with the payment module. Surely someone has to know the answer (staff??)


I'm only three days into my 30 day money back guarantee guys... ;)

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this is something that might be worth contacting support directly about to get an answer.... I did do a forum search yesterday for you about this and found threads where this was asked but not answered...


I did find the thread below, which may be of help...




When placing a live sale, we only ask that you keep the amount below $5.00 USD and refund the sale with in 24 hours of placing it so that no 2Checkout transaction fees are applied to your account. If you want some help from us placing the live test sales, please let us know at techsupport@2checkout.com so that we can help out from our end.

that's from a year ago, so if you don't get an answer from WHMCS (or in the forums), you may want to check with 2co to see if this amount is still correct... if so, I guess you could setup a product for less than $5, turn demo mode off and see if it works, and then give yourself a refund.


unfortunately, this is not something that I have any experience with as I don't use 2co, but hopefully it's pointed you in the right direction.

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