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Follow up after running WHM import script

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I have 2 questions regarding accounts and billing after I have imported them utilizing the WHM import script.


I am running WHMCS v3.3.0 and have Paypal set up for IPN.


Scenario 1: User was already set up in WHM and did not have a Paypal subscription yet.


Problem 1: I am trying to set him up on PayPal Subscriptions. under the user, Products/Services - I changed him to a Monthly billing cycle from Free account. Set Payment Method to Paypal Subscriptions, the amounts, and the next due date to today's date and manually ran the cron job from the server to run "whmcs/admin/cron.php".


I receive the cron job report via email and there were no invoices created. How can I fix this to send an invoice and start receiving a subscription payment from this user.


Scenario 2: User was already set up in WHM and was paying using a Paypal subscription.


Problem 2: I am not finding much documentation on setting these users up. Do I leave the Payment method, amount and cycle blank and just add the Paypal Subscription ID? or do I leave the first payment at 0.00 and set the Recurring amount to the amount on the subscription? What will WHMCS do when it receives the Paypal IPN notification?


Lastly, if anyone is familiar with Paypal - where do I get the subscription ID. I can no longer see the subscription creation information in Paypal as it does not go back that far. The users last payment looks like this:


Subscription Payment Received (ID #XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)



Is the "S-XXX" the subscription ID that is referred to by WHMCS?


Thanks in advance for any help this is the last thing I need to get set up before buying the product.

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