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eNom : TLDs that require "auto-renew" (.de, .ch, .li, .fr, .es)


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Hello All:


Some of the domains that eNom offers require auto-renew to be "on" (instead of "auto-expire"). If auto-renew is not on, then those domains expire, even if your customer pays for renewal in time. ... This is at least my understanding, and this is also the case with some other registries.

EXAMPLES of such domains are:

.de, .ch, .li, .fr, .es ... not sure if there are more TLDs that require this.


I confimed this with eNom Support. But then, eNom support is not always THAT good when it comes to 3rd party shopping cards like WHMCS. Therefore my question here: with the lastest WHMCS release (5.2.4) and latest eNom module coming with it -- is the above still valid information? Anyone has any experiences?


Most obviously, when offering auto-registrations for customers, that "auto-renew" thing is a major problem. Either you as host loose money by paying for unpaid renewals, or customers loose their domain and you as host are responsible, since they did pay.


Any insights that are not mentioned above ... and additional domains (at eNom) where the above applies?






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I can't really advise on Enom, but with OpenSRS, some of these tlds are not set to auto-renew - .de is one, and some are auto-renewed by the registry rather than OpenSRS (or I guess Enom)...


for those than do expire, you can (nearly) always get them back - though sometimes with a hefty redemption fee... so perhaps Enom just find it easier to set them to auto renew rather than go through the hassle of manually handling a redemption.


we've only ever had one domain go into redemption, and we managed to get that renewed quite quickly - for those tlds that have these redemption policies, we tend to chase the renewal fees from the customers with some urgency, warn them of the consequences of not paying on time and ultimately price them so we're at least a little covered if there are any problems.

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Brian, I think in your reply you "water down" and confuse the issue somewhat -- not intentinally, of course.

If you re-read the last sentence of my post above ... that is the base of the problem. It's not about possibilities for revival from the domain graveyard (redemption), but the simple fact that AUTOMATED domain administration is impossible if renewals cannot be handled by WHMCS (=> renewal if paid, no renewal if not). ... So, I wondered if (a) I am indeed correct about this as far as eNom is concerned, and (b) if POSSIBLY anyone might know if there is anything one could do within WHMCS to work around this (we speak about automated actions here)--e.g. editing the eNom module, or something of that sort.

And eNom because eNom has now better pricing on SOME of these just mentioned TLDs ... going with another registry that does not implement such rules, fine, but pricing is not as good (e.g. for .de domains, of which we register a lot).

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Brian, thanks for the 2nd reply.

Still, pricing for OTHER TLDs was not the issue of my question .... we would pay $9 at eNom for .com domains (pricing depends on your reseller level), but we get them much cheaper elsewhere. And yes, with some registries we can indeed set all domains to auto-expire, but then unfortunately don't get pricing quite as good. Please -- my wish -- let's focus on just the issue of the TLDs mentioned, and the problem with the impossibility to set those to auto-expire (or auto-renew, both create problems: work and/or financial loss). With eNom we would pay (if we could use them, which we can't because of this problem), $9.50 for .fr, $13.50 for .ch and .li, $8.50 for .es, and $6.99 for .de domains. (Let me say that for those TLDs you cannot use ID Protect anyway, so that argument does not work is these cases.)



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