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Password Strength does not work after Upgrade to 5.24


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Hello I have tried a few different things to see if anything would have changed but it is still not working.


I upgraded to 5.24 a couple days ago and today noticed the password strength no longer works.


You can test it at this link.


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I think this applies to some order forms, but not to all of them...


e.g i'm using ajaxcart and that doesn't use password strength - though weirdly it does seem to have 3 fields for passwords... password, confirm password and then a further password box below the email address ?!? i'm a newbie and still configuring whmcs, so will have to look further at this (order forms are for another day!!)


but to return to your point, "showStrengthBar" as far as I can see, is called by five order forms (Cart, Comparison, Modern, Slider and VerticalSteps)... the only difference I see in the code is that both "Cart" (think you're using this one) and "VerticalSteps" call the "showStrengthBar" js function from within <P> tags... for me, these two don't show password strength working.... the other three call the function from within a <td> tag and do work.


"boxes" and "web20" seems to do it another way by including "pwstrength.tpl" from the Default template.


I upgraded from 5.2.2 to 5.2.4 and haven't really played with the order forms yet to any degree (other than to test your post), so can't really comment on how they worked pre 5.2.4 - but hopefully someone with better knowledge will confirm if there is a problem.


update1 - I've gone back as far as 5.1.5 and the tpl and js look fundamentally the same to me - so if they worked in 5.1.5, beats me why they aren't seemingly working now.


update2 - those additional email & password fields in the ajaxcart form seem redundant - I can't see them in any of the other forms.


one further thought on your problem - I've just spotted that you're using the "Ultimate Hosting" template from ThemeForest... if this comes with its own order form, then some of the code in it might be out of date.

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