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Mobile Application Doesnt work


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What the hell is the point of purchasing the mobile version when all the below is happening.


Mobile Version Issues:

Client / Create Invoice (Error Loading Page)

Client / View Invoices (Returns to Client List)

Client / Add Transaction (error loading page)

Client / Place New Order (returns Blank page)

Client / manage Products (error loading page)

Support / New Ticket (error loading page)

Invoices / New (Error loading page)

Orders / Mew (Error loading page)


Is there ANYTHING we CAN do on this? Why make these buttons and features if they dont work?

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The v1 doesn't work with WHMCS 5.2.3, the v2 doesn't work anyway because it's BETA... I purchased the license few weeks ago and this is the worst thing I have spent my money on till now. I wish I could just burn them, at least they would provide me with heat for a second or two.

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I do think it's a bit ridiculous that a mobile addon is offered, and can be purchased, but doesn't work. If you're on a newer release of WHMCS, you can't use the old version (which was crap anyway), and the new is beta not to be used in production, incomplete and buggy. There is something wrong with that. Poor planning at best, and with all of the other problems WHMCS has experienced with releases lately, I don't think WHMCS staff should be so glib about it!

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Yes, it's clear it's a beta. I have no problem with that actually. In fact, I upgraded from 5.1.5 to 5.2.4 yesterday in large part so I could finally at least look at the progress that is being made, knowing it still won't be usable. But then, the prior version has never really been very usable, so it's nothing to me. I haven't even complained about the product, but when I see WHMC Staff cracking jokes about the situation as if complaining clients are idiots, that rubs me the wrong way.


X number of people own the mobile add-on since it was initially released, and cannot use it after upgrading to the recent core WHMCS releases. Was any warning of this given? Why should it be okay that WHMCS breaks one of their own addons, then offers a buggy beta as a solution? (Other than the fact that they seem to be breaking the core product with new releases too--I guess maybe that justifies it?)


Given the really poor track record WHMCS has had recently with releases, it's bad enough to break the mobile addon with a WHMCS upgrade, but to start making wisecracks at the expense of complaining clients is just asking for otherwise reasonable (mostly) clients like myself who are lurking and watching the discussion, to become really annoyed with the attitude of WHMCS in general.

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