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  1. Having the same problem. 24 hours ago I opened a support ticket but WHMCS doesn't care. Anyone has an idea on how to fix this issue? I am willing to use any template just get my client area work again.
  2. Hi all. I am currently using 2checkout to charge credit cards but I am thinking to go ahead with a local bank. For that I will be needing a merchant module. My question is, can anyone give me approximate price to create a custom merchant module? I need the pricing so I would be able to better judge if I should move or stay with 2checkout. I dont have the tech info yet, but if a approximate price can be given without those info, please do.
  3. I wish I could select SOME of the servers, not every server under my account... Under my pingdom account I monitor many servers, and only few are of my webhosting company.
  4. ljesh

    Ip address of forum posters

    No way I would agree with that.
  5. ljesh

    2CheckOut Direct Checkout

    They are not going to modify one line of code that fast, just be patient.
  6. ljesh

    2CheckOut Direct Checkout

    The best idea I have is Matt or someone else from WHMCS to modify the 2checkout module and release it ASAP
  7. ljesh

    Mobile Application Doesnt work

    Thank you, I did that.
  8. ljesh

    2CheckOut Direct Checkout

    Interested... I have been visiting this forum today only because of this.
  9. ljesh

    Mobile Application Doesnt work

    The v1 doesn't work with WHMCS 5.2.3, the v2 doesn't work anyway because it's BETA... I purchased the license few weeks ago and this is the worst thing I have spent my money on till now. I wish I could just burn them, at least they would provide me with heat for a second or two.
  10. 1. I really have no idea, I am curious myself too. 2. Start the setup, and scan the barcode with both/three devices.
  11. 1. When setting up OTP you get one key which you can use in extreme cases. This key can be used for case 1 or case 3. 2. Yes.
  12. 5.2.2, I noticed the slow-down on admin side in 5.2.1 too. 5.1.3/4 was much faster.
  13. I have noticed also the slow-down on the admin side. The customer area seems fine, but the admin side it (looks to me to it is) slowed down.

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