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  1. Having the same problem. 24 hours ago I opened a support ticket but WHMCS doesn't care. Anyone has an idea on how to fix this issue? I am willing to use any template just get my client area work again.
  2. Hi all. I am currently using 2checkout to charge credit cards but I am thinking to go ahead with a local bank. For that I will be needing a merchant module. My question is, can anyone give me approximate price to create a custom merchant module? I need the pricing so I would be able to better judge if I should move or stay with 2checkout. I dont have the tech info yet, but if a approximate price can be given without those info, please do.
  3. I wish I could select SOME of the servers, not every server under my account... Under my pingdom account I monitor many servers, and only few are of my webhosting company.
  4. Infopro, knowing you from the cPanel forums the last thing I hope for from you is your understanding. I know you won't have it. But, if someone else from the cPanel team can take a look at what happen and what is going on here, I think he/she will understand my (and other people that think like me, I am not alone in this) position. What happen is this: 1. WHMCS needs beta testers. I, as always, try to be helpful and show my interest to help. WHMCS accepts my "application". Thank you for that. 2. WHMCS says the beta will be published "by the end of next week". 2 months ago (I can bet $100 that the beta version will not be published until 05 August - therefore I use the "2 months" time period freely). 3. People ask "when". They have the right to do so, don't get all upset. In the end, we didn't make you give us dates, you did that by your own free will. Now, since we are paying customers we expect nothing less then you to keep your given words. You (not you exactly, I mean the company, this in the end is not "Infopro's Forums - come here and have a drink) said: a) every 2 month new version of the software b) by the end of next week we will publish a beta for you cool guys to test So it was your fault for promising something you in fact are not able to keep. I (we) don't care when you'll publish a beta and when you'll need my work for free. I (we) don't care when you will upgrade WHMCS. But if you say you will do it at X date/timeframe, we expect you to keep that word. I know that by morning you will remove me from the beta testers group (unfair thing to do and bad management) and you will probably delete my posts or this complete thread, so I took screenshot of this thread to keep me reminded how WHMCS (cPanel to be precise) instead of learning from their mistakes, made another mistake and punished those that speak loudly. All of this could have been evaded if you kept your word and delivered the beta 2 months ago. Or at least didn't make such a claim. Beta will be published whenever it is ready. There we go.
  5. I am sorry you find it offensive, but I was offended first because WHMCS team cannot decide for years how (and when) they will develop this script. No, I never said or implied that. I simply showed my displeasure on how are thing developing. On how you say you will "publish new versions every 2 months" and then you don't do that, or that you will "publish the beta by the end of next week" and 2 months later that doesn't happen. Now, if you want to remove me from the group or planet earth because I am your paying customer for 7 years, I am not happy on how things are going AND I say that publicly - that is one thing. But I never requested or implied that. WHMCS is a product for which some people regularly pay to be developed, and in a free world those same people reserve the right to evaluate how things are going. Unless the development team has problems being criticized.
  6. Well as they have started, they surely cannot win. I didn't make them say they will publish the beta "next week" 2 months ago. It was their decision. They said it. I didn't make them say they will publish new versions every 2 months. That also was their decision. They said it. What they should do is 1. sit and think when they can deliver beta/final versions 2. give us that date and keep to it This way they are continuing being not serious as they always were - no changes what so ever. I personally do not care when we will get upgrades in beta or final form. But when they say "next week", the least I expect is next week the version to be delivered. What, you think because they said "next week" but they lied and delivered the beta 2+ months after the firstly claimed date the software will be complete or bugless? Keep dreaming. It was delayed, it will be incomplete (as always) and full of bugs (as always), I promise.
  7. Chris, that is great but 2 months ago you (I think it was you, unless it was someone else from the WHMCS team but that is the same thing) said "will be given to you to test it by the end of the next week". Delaying it for a week is understandable (but not always OK), but delaying it for 2 months is... bleah. --EDIT-- Found the original thread That is from 05 June, over a month and a half ago.
  8. The "dynamic IP" problem parses the app unusable since whenever you need to use the app it means you are in movement, and when you are in movement you get a million of different IPs.
  9. They are not going to modify one line of code that fast, just be patient.
  10. The best idea I have is Matt or someone else from WHMCS to modify the 2checkout module and release it ASAP
  11. Interested... I have been visiting this forum today only because of this.
  12. The v1 doesn't work with WHMCS 5.2.3, the v2 doesn't work anyway because it's BETA... I purchased the license few weeks ago and this is the worst thing I have spent my money on till now. I wish I could just burn them, at least they would provide me with heat for a second or two.
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