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Migration from AWBS to WHMCS

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We would like to migrate our current data in AWBS billing software to WHMCS .


We have the un-encrypted AWBS Import Script given by WHMCS after singning NDA.



Currently the Import Script only able to do the following :



1. Import Shared Hosting Servers (Without hostname, monthly cost & access hash)

2. Import Client Products (Only Shared Hosting Packages, without affiliate or price overriding)

3. Import Clients (Without password)

4. Import Packages (Only Shared Hosting Packages, without prices and no other product, such as addon and "Other" items)

5. Import Invoices (Do not have full description and domain name)

6. Import Transactions (Description is not in full)



We would like to hire a programmer that can do the following :







1. Import everything that is not imported in the "bracket" above.


2. Import Actual client password. I have the way to get AWBS password for products and client.


3. Import AWBS Addon item as addon


4. Import AWBS "Other" item as product


5. Import Affiliate transaction and ID.


6. Import VPS/Server/Colocation Product


7. Import Coupon setup and usage.


8. The most important thing is that, i need the Imported Invoice in WHMCS for renewal product to actually attached with the product. Eg:


- If imported domain renewal invoice, once paid it will renew the domain name

- If imported hosting, server, vps, colocation, other item invoice, once paid it will extend the expiry according to product billing cycle.




NOTE: all script should have "if exist" function in PHP, to avoid duplicate.




SECOND PHASE (If possible and if can be done)



1. After all the import is successfull, we will still using AWBS for a week, thus we need you to Create a cronjob, to update ALL the data from AWBS to WHMCS during this period.


Eg: if invoice in AWBS is paid, then in WHMCS record also paid. If new client register in AWBS also created in WHMCS. Same goes to Invoice and products subscribed.


2. I will need to run AWBS for a week before we able to switch 100% to WHMCS.




We have both WHMCS and AWBS development URL with actual data for you to do experiment. Once everything is done then only we will do this on production URL.



Let us know if anybody interested.



Hope to hear from you soon.




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