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ID Protection billing


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we're using 5.2.2 and connected with OpenSRS, so we have the option to offer ID Protection (Whois Privacy) and give it a fee in Domain Pricing.


as far as I can tell, when the client enables the service, an invoice is generated for 1 Yr - but what happens at the end of that year?


checking the db, I can see the invoice, and I can see that it adds the cost to the recurring fee for the domain - so am I to assume that ID Protection renewal isn't invoiced for separately, but is added to the renewal price of the domain ?? I can't see anywhere in the db where the ID Protection activation date is recorded.


unless i'm missing something, that makes little sense for existing domains (I can see the point with true new registrations).


what happens if a client adds ID Protection to a domain on a Monday, pays the fee... and thus gets his recurring amount changed... then on Wednesday, gets his annual domain renewal invoice email - with this new recurring fee ??


I had assumed it would be invoiced for annually separately, but perhaps not.... aah just found this post from WHMCS John from 3 years ago - I guess its still the case that I need to invoice for this manually.


They order it when the domain is registered/transferred in. If they want to add it at a later date you'd need to invoice them manually and add the services directly via your domain registrar.




is this right?

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If the client orders this as an addon at a later date it would charge them once with a standalone invoice, it then adds the fee to the domain recurring amount and the service then renews at the same time as the domain.

Hi Neil,


I think that's just insane though for the reason I outline above - the addon activation and domain renewal could be days/weeks/months apart - and not always near 12 months.


if it were billed as free, this issue wouldn't arise - but the minute you charge a recurring fee, then it should recur annually on the activation date anniversary (or at least have the option to do that).


practically, we now need to have two different "ID Protection" addons... the one built into the client area that they can add themselves or add to new domain registrations, then disable it in admin (which doesn't disable the activation but would remove the addon fee from the recurring amount), and a separate product (hidden from the order form) to be used for recurring invoices after the first year.


I've had my license for a week now, and after some initial doubts, it certainly is an impressive bit of software... but there are many things that are plain silly, long-winded and counter-intuitive.

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