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How Can I Do This?

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What I want to be able to do is in both the screenshots below where the red box is is be able to have a message to my clients submitting tickets when logged in, and in the pre-sales contact us.


This message is going to be our office hours for the business.


I am not sure what or where I need to edit. Your help is grateful. Thanks.



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One way to find something like this is to find the language line in the template. Simply take something found in your image that's generated by the script and search in the templates for it. In the first image, I took "solution" from the "If you can't find a solution", and looked in /lang/english.php for that. It came up with the language var "supportticketsheader". Searching the templates for that came up with "supportticketsubmit-stepone.tpl".

So check that one. (I'm behind a version or so, so it may be a different file)


For the second one, "presales" was unique enough. It finds "contactheader" in the lang file, which is found in "contact.tpl".

A little logic and detective work is all that's needed. ;)

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lang > each language file

templates > templatename > supportticketsubmit-stepone.tpl

includes > hooks > create a new hook

Documentation > http://docs.whmcs.com/Hooks



You either use the first two, or the last three, it depends how confident you are with php coding, the first two is the easiest



For the languages files.

$_LANG['anyunusedvarname'] = "your chosen message txt";


For the tpl file:

<div class="aclassname">


<div> </div>



for the css file

.aclassname {width: 90%;margin: 10px auto;}

.aclassname div {background-color: red; color: black;height: 0.85em; width:100%;text-align:center;}


you will want a little css to style the div but thats the basics i just knocked this up tight here in the reply box :)



Hey admin can i have some of that nice formatting please :)



um err.. i got a little carried away..next!

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