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VMware integration?





We've been using WHMCS for a number of years. We've migrated from HyperVM / Xen to VMware. We seriously need a VMware module. The little research I've done shows a third party module, not even listed in your App Store, that doesn't support traffic / overuse. Can this really be? Does WHMCS not have a VMware module? Is there some kind of a reason this is not supported out of the box?


Here is my search:


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We have been communicating with Matt regarding vmWare. We are in need of a vCloud Director that will provision and allow the client to manage their account via vcloud director. It has been a few months since we have requested this feature without any response.



Our concern with using a third party provider is the longevity with the provider. We have seen a number of vmware 3rd party providers that appear for a moment and then gone. Leaving us with an encoded module that is not supported.


Unfortunately, the only options that we will consider is a module that is created and managed by WHMCS themselves or another billing platform that includes vmware (vCloud Director) already included.



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...We have seen a number of vmware 3rd party providers that appear for a moment and then gone. Leaving us with an encoded module that is not supported...


I wholeheartedly agree with this. The lack of virtualisation support is a major concern. Shared hosting has changed greatly over 14 years since we've been operating and is too competitive to make a good living any more. We really need to migrate to VM hosting if we want to be around for another 5 years.


The one module that is advertised now elsewhere on the web, says:


> Other upcoming features is VM console, VM snapshots, VM bandwidth tracking


I enquired and I got:


> We are working on it but due to vsphere API complexities it won't be for ~6 months since we are working on auto provisioning currently.


What? Auto provisioning? This is old hat.


Provisioning should be a given.

Overuse and templates should be built-in.

Overuse can only be properly performed by WHMCS.

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