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Blank "Open Ticket" Page? (Posting the Error in the Thread)


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This is when I visit /submitticket.php

I clicked Display Errors in General Settings, this is what came up:


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ticketsummary() in /home/MYUSERNAME/public_html/clients/includes/ticketfunctions.php on line 0


Any help? I hope this will help out some other people having trouble with 5.1. I checked submitticket.php and ticksfunctions.php and they're exactly what was included with the upgrade.


So far I've:

-Disabled all addons.

-Double-checked file permissions.

-Switched to the Default theme (no modifications).

-Switched the admin theme to Blend and then back to V4.

-Changed the cart.

-Tried it logged in and logged out.


The upgrade was done from 5.0.3 and I had no problems with it. I'm 99% sure all the files were properly replaced too. The theme, cart, etc. all had to be changed back to the modifications I made, but I've switched to untouched other carts/themes with no success.


I did see the other thread about this, but saw no resolution about the problem. Is this something I'm going to have to open in a ticket or has someone found a good solution?

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Thank you insider1! That worked perfectly. I was unaware of the fix and the download says 06/07/2012 (which is when the release announcement went out and when I downloaded the upgrade). I wish WHMCS had sent out an email about the new update. Anyways, very helpful, everything is back to normal!

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Just download WHMCS archive from WHMCS website again and upload files to your website.

WHMCS has fixed this error in the latest source.


just wanted to give a +1 to the fact of what insider said above. I could have just missed it, but I dont remember seeing any kind of update about this topic. none the less, the fix that insider lists above is correct and solved the issue as I also had the same thing happen to me.


thanks insider!!!

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