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ResellerClub SubReseller Module - Feedback Requested

Would you want to see this module available for sale?  

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I'm currently writing a module and I am wondering if I should offer the module as an addon for WHMCS for a small one off fee.


I would be grateful for any feedback and to find out if there is any interest for the module.


As I say the module is to make the management of subresellers easier for the admin and for clients.

(There is a module for management of resellerclub 'customer' type accounts from another developer, but not for subresellers)


Features for clients:

- Automatic setup of their subreseller account

- Automatic addition of funds to their subreseller account via WHMCS

- Request a password reset via WHMCS

- View total receipts via client area

- View current balance via client area

- View locked funds balance via client area


Features for admin:

- Automated set up of subreseller accounts

- Automated logging of transactions in WHMCS (no more manually adding transactions for funds added via the RC control panel)

- Automatic addition of funds to subreseller accounts (no intervention required)

- Storage of unique subreseller IDs for easy identification of subresellers

- Ability to use Create, Suspend, Unsuspende, Reset Password functions

- Storage of username and password fields in WHMCS, updates when password reset is requested.



I'm sure more can be added, but the above features seem to be the obvious minimum the module would need.


Again if there is interest for the module more functions will be added. Source would be encoded and licenced.


Thanks in advance to all that respond.

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Are you suggesting the module should allow sub resellers to register their domains too?


I would imagine most sub reseller would also be using the system to register domains via the regular WHMCS module anyway (or via API with other software)? There are so many options in the control panel, would it be worth replicating them into WHMCS?

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When you add it as a plugin to WHMCS and use it for registration they have to do 2 things -


Register / password via WHMCS

Add funds via WHMCS

But, everything else from Resellerclub.


In this case they have to remember 2 different logins for 2 different things. Instead, if you can replicate all functionality within WHMCS (like WHMCS does for customers) , they need to remember only one login and one user interface.

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If this was a module for reellerclub 'customer' type accounts, then yes, but for a subreseller its likely they will use the RC module in WHMCS to register/transfer/renew domains.


If they can also add funds to their domain reseller in WHMCS and check balance etc then it saves the need to login to the RC control panel. If they need to login to RC there will be a login link to allow automatic login to the RC control panel.


Any customer who purchases a service through a company using WHMCS has to remember two logins, WHMCS and their service login. The module is to allow subresellers to add funds via WHMCS so the transactions are logged, and so they can carry out other basic functions.


If there is interest, then the entire functionality can be added to WHMCS, but at this stage thats a big overhaul to take if it ends up taking no orders!

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For anyone interested in this module, please go to http://www.galaxywebsolutions.com/rcsubreseller - Free 30 Day Trial


Depending on when you're reading this post, the page either will allow you to input your details for us to contact you when the module is released.


Or, once it's released you will see module details and screenshots etc.


Any one who registers their details will be given a 30 day free trial, which will serve as a feedback period for users to let us know of any improvements or bugs!


Thank you for your interest.

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Here are a few screenshots of the module so far.


Note: The module is still unfinished, so the client view is only basic and some wording may be poor!


Module configuration view



Admin product view




Client area view (customisable)



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The module is intended for a WHMCS set up, firstly so that all funds added are recorded in WHMCS, and secondly so that resellers can see their account info and add funds via WHMCS.


Most of our clients via WHMCS use it as their central point to access their control panels, pay invoices etc, so it was the logical choice for us.


You can easily add existing subresellers retrospectively by inputting their Reseller ID into the ResellerID field that will need to be set up as a custom field for the subreseller product.


How we've set our RC is so that on the payment page it instructs the subreseller to log in to our WHMCS to complete payment. The previous paypal option can be disabled so that it's not possible for subresellers to add funds via your RC panel any more if this is desired.

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