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Software is Wonderful including, Licensing Addon


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Great software package, my compliments to the developer.


But then this is what we get for "Documentation."


The steps to integrate are described in more detail below:

Copy & paste the code into the top of the file you want to protect

Enter the URL to your WHMCS system root directory in the $whmcsurl variable

Customise the $licensing_secret_key variable used to ensure your local keys are different from other licensing addon users

Optionally change the $localkeydays & $allowcheckfaildays variables if you want to change how often a remote check is made

Now retrieve the license key and local key from the database or file storage you have saved them in

Then call the check_license function

And then act on the result based on the sample code if statements

You then store the local key that gets returned


If this is the best you can do for Documentation, I may be reluctantly forced to request a refund. I don't want to hire someone to Integrate the software because I want to know how to do it. I am sure I am only 5 minutes away from getting it done, but I have been 5 minutes away for 2 days now. I don't need a PDF just please explain:


"Now retrieve the license key and local key from the database or file storage you have saved them in" Not sure what step this was done or how/where to retrieve.


"Then call the check_license function" How what where?


"And then act on the result based on the sample code if statements" ?


"You then store the local key that gets returned" ?


Approximately what line number do I put the license key.

Is a simple marked up screenshot too much to ask.


Just a screenshot that says PUT THIS HERE, Then go HERE and TYPE THIS HERE?


Here is my error code I am getting.


[status] => Invalid

[remotecheck] => 1



Your competitor's software is probably not as good, does not look as good, but they have a video and detailed instructions so any skill level can complete the task.


To be fair though, your documentation up to this point has been good and the software intuitive. I guess that is why it is so frustrating. I am just that close and can't open for business.


If this should be a support ticket, let me know.

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d13g0s: The sample code doesn't really help. I still don't understand the localkey part. Where is it generated? When do you store it? When do you retrieve it? Which functions go inside the if/else statement (is it just the output function or is it all functions). The documentation assumes you know what's going on, and can just drop in the code, which is not true.

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The local key is to be stored on a file or database (I prefer database).

It's generated when you receive the response from the the server license which you go to check for the license key.

After you receive the results for the license check, you can store the local key to be used when you need to check for the license again, when you tell the checker that you got a local key, it will check the local key instead of going online to check for the license details until the local key is expired.

This is useful when your server is down and your customer need to enter their software, when this happens, the system will use the local key and they will still be able to use the softare until you can resolve the issue with your server.


On the code you'r using, use the debugger and go step by step and you'll see what's going on and when you have the license key to be able to save it.

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