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Ok I know Kayako is the leader in the reccomended helpdesks, but it's pricing is crazy for a start up. I'm currently running a trial on vision help desk which so far isn't bad but it is lacking a few features that I'd like to see (Completed integration with WHMCS where the department restrictions carry over, and a way to assign depts. by user group). I really like Trellis desk but there's no integration options with WHMCS (Unless I've missed something somewhere and if I have please feel free to point it out) so what other options are out there for integration with WHMCS?


The key points I'm looking for in a help desk are:

1. Integration into WHMCS (Login and interface preferable but would settle for just login bridging.)

2. Ability to limit department ticket submission on the user side (I do manage unmanaged and resller hosting and it's pointless for my managed clients to be able to submit a ticket to my resller support team etc.)

3. This would just be icing on the cake but a built in live chat would be nice other wise Livezilla v3.x will be used :)


Basically I miss Kayako 3.x lol anyone have any sugguestions?



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Have you looked at Cerberus? There had been some modules for it in the past, and many I've spoken with love it. Pricing is better than Kayako's "buy a Mercedes for me" rates, but still not really cheap. If I understand it correctly, the "annual cost" is to buy it, and when the year is up you keep using up to that version..but better to ask if interested.


Module from a while back:


Might be worth checking out.

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