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ID Protect


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I am working on adding the ability for clients to alter the Enom ID Protect for their domain.


I have much of the code done and will be testing it soon.


The problem with ID Protect is the billing cycle.

When you add ID Protect the billing cycle will be different from the domain billing cycle.

Under the current design this is a problem.


So the easy way out is to give the client a choice.

Have ID Protect on next renew date or have it active right now.


If they choose to go with next renew date we just change the setting of ID Protect in the table for that domain which will bill him for it on domain renew date and activate it.


If they want it right away then have a separate product setup for it.


To turn off ID Protect is easy


Really I can't see why they didn't go this way to allow clients to either add or remove ID Protect.


Yes the current design has problems as it seems a new table plus more code written would be required for domain extras to do it right but such is life so we must do the best we can to move on.


There is a rule called KISS that all programmers should follow.

It stands for Keep it simple stupid

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Seems that version 5.1 has added this feature


From my view point it should just turn off ID Protect if the client wants to remove it.

The only sticky point here is if the domain expired you can not turn it off according to Enom.

But they claim you can renew the domain only so not sure how this will pan out if we have such a scenario.

Or add it at any time should the client want it.


Now adding it is another problem as you would need to have a choice under the current version design.

Add it right away which would need to be a product or just flip on the setting and update the price which will add it on next renew.


My guess is they made some table changes to allow this to be straight forward as to address the payment cycle problem.


Last would be to update any invoice created if the client made changes after an invoice was generated.


That's were I stopped coding my script when I read the news on version 5.1

I was about to setup a testing site to try out my code which did all of the above.


Based on the quality of the application I am sure they will cover all these problems of adding or removing domain addons and am looking forward to version 5.1

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