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  1. vincent_g

    WHMCS issue with reseller operations

    Not quite You need to set all privileges - true and it shouldn't be Also the package must be matching assigned to the account in whm must be the one set in the product / module settings in WHMCS So someone didn't think this out it seems. If a reseller is allowed to manage his own account - he's the account owner then he may change the package to one of his own choice. If this happens and a reseller changes his package then WHMCS fails!!! Why would you tie this to the package name?????
  2. Anyone have a clue as to why the table structure from the supplied install.sql supplied with whmcs_v710_full is not correct? There are several tables that don't match what should be there. It in fact matches the install.sql supplied with whmcs_v503_stable.zip Can this be explained as to why this very old SQL script is coming with this new version and is absent all the upgrade scripts?
  3. On the create table sql script ( install sql ) I see `urlforwarding` text COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `emailforwarding` text COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, going way back urlforwarding was changed to dnsmanagement Upgrade340 ALTER TABLE `tbldomains` CHANGE `urlforwarding` `dnsmanagement` TEXT NOT NULL ; First question is which is it `urlforwarding` or `dnsmanagement` ( I believe it's `dnsmanagement` ) Second question is Why TEXT! If I'm not mistaken these are check box entry fields which are either 1 or 0, true or false, yes or no So why change them to TEXT which is way more space than this setting would ever need. From what I see there is not enough attention paid to the tables. As I look through mine I find columns that are not in the create table scripts I find columns that are missing. Is it possible the SQL script with latest version is wrong - not creating the latest versions of the tables Since the software runs with no problems were these missing columns really needed? Since the database has always been upgraded version to version wouldn't it be wise to remove columns no longer needed?
  4. vincent_g

    Register existing domain

    I posted a new topic on this same issue as I didn't see your post. This same thing happened to me. I think this clue of %5B0%5D maybe the answer. How did &domains= become &domains%5B0%5D= ? Do you see the same string in your SSL logs? That is what causes the problem as I tested it and it works. I suggest the programming team check this for proper filtering of the domain GET variable
  5. How did it happen is the question? I tried to place the same order and could not either from the main order page to trying it as a client that has login to system. The order came in with this in the string &domains%5B0%5D= I think there is a problem here as this tells me the domains variable may not be filtered proper.
  6. vincent_g

    Auto insert domain price

    I am surprised that after so many years WHMCS has not added this feature. When setting the price for a domain one has to calculate the price for each number of years set. So one will have to add lets say 12.99 for first year and 25.98 for the second and so on. When will WHMCS place the Javascript code to automate this on that screen? Very simple - set the price for each based on first price and multiply it by number of years. For each currency repeat. It's easy to do. Can be done and fully tested in one hour of less by your programmers. Imagine someone has 5 currencies to deal with. Does he really have to spend a better part of his or her life typing the price for each year term? It's simple to add - on each domain a checkbox next to the year term and a button to update. Click the button and it fills in the price for each number year that has been checked. Vincent G.
  7. Tried to set it to 995 as 110 is not valid for secure pop3 Can't be done it seems. Will we have a patch for this soon? The problem looks to be within serverstatus.php
  8. vincent_g

    Upgraded to 5.3.9 and can not login

    In my case it was a line in the config file session_name("WHMCS"); Removing the line fixed the problem. I have had that file unchanged going back to version 3.8.1
  9. So far this is not been a fun upgrade. Tech support tells me that these two settings should be set to off. session.cookie_httponly = 0 session.use_only_cookies = 0 So I put a ini file in the admin folder to set this. From my research this does not sound right to me that this should be a problem as these values default to true in PHP and Cpanel installs. These settings were created by PHP to add security when enabled! So why would this be required to false now? And if this is required to be set to false what folder does this script run in?
  10. I can not login either and am not using 2fa I tried the patch anyway to no avail. What's up with this upgrade?
  11. that didn't work for me - I can not login with 5.3.9 From what I see it altered the admin table thus to go back you have to restore the old admin table. I was not aware this upgrade would have altered the database
  12. vincent_g

    Template problems

    Since updating to newest version the template Comparison has problems The domain checking doesn't work! When I choose hosting package no matter which type of domain option I choose I get an error for TLD Checked the files and they are same as what came in the whmcs_v512.zip file. Other Order Templates work fine. Is there something else missing??
  13. vincent_g

    InternetSecure.com Horrible

    Sounds to me like this person just has had charge back problems or something of that sort. From what your saying I bet this also caused a bank fee due to funds being low. Yes it's enough to get you angry but sounds like you are on a crusade. Not worth it - move on and try to work within the system which is slanted towards the banks but such is life. If a card is reversed the amount plus a fee is charged to your account and yes they take the money from your checking account. Any charge will be taken from your checking account no matter who you use. I don't hear a ligit complaint here but if you want to fight the banks then support getting Rid of the Fed.
  14. vincent_g

    Paypal Disputes

    First thing to do is be sure it's a real client. Maxmind is quite helpful with this although you do get false positives. When in doubt call the client. Since Enom has changed their policy that makes all sales final - taking an order is a gamble as if your client is ligit and he decides to cancel you well maybe stuck with the domain. If the card used is fraud then your stuck - no way out. I don't care about refunding the hosting fees as is nothing lost but time. The domain isn't too costly but it's not fun to loose. Either Paypal or Credit Cards are pretty much the same story. Some have it worse - Gold dealers for instance get stuck for around $1600 on a 1 oz. gold coin when the client reverses the charge. That hurts big time.
  15. vincent_g

    WHMCS.com Hacked?

    SFTP requires Shell access To prevent a user from seeing others you need to have jail shell access set I don't allow shell access by any users and to prevent all from having access - even the at the data center

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