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it depends on what cart template your using.


go to admin/setup/general settings/ordering in your admin area.


see which template your using then to edit you can find the tpl files in the templates/orderforms folder.


if i were you i would copy the folder and rename it to ssomething else then edit it and update which cart your using.

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I want my 3 hosting packages to be 3 boxes on the same line. So I edited the style.css #order-modern .products to have a width of 30% instead of 50%.


And I changed the products.tpl from:

{if $num % 2}<div class="clear"></div>



{if $num % 3}<div class="clear"></div>


The style change worked, but I am still seeing 2 hosting packages on a line and the 3rd one underneath:



Is products.tpl not the correct template? Or is there something else wrong?

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Well. I dont think you understand how the modulus operator works (the percent sign).


What that operator does is return the remainder of the 2 numbers divided by each other.. So if num = 5, and you divide by 3, you get 2. if that if statement, the div would NOT show in this case.


Either way, working with a modulus you run into a couple issues. The main issue is the index numbers start at 0 for $num, so you'll need to step that up to 1 to start with. Something like this should make it work for you.


{assign var=n value=$num+1}
{if $n % 3 == 0}<div class="clear"></div>{/if}


Basically that will return for anything that doesnt return a remainder.. Meaning anything divisible by 3.


The only reason it was so simple to code with 2 is every other number is divisible by it.


Hope this helps!

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