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  1. Does anyone know of a ReactJS based frontend that integrates with the WHMCS backend?
  2. So I have been running a WHMCS shared hosting website quite well for a while, but I am curious as to what people use for email? Many of my customers use the built in email with their cPanel hosting account and it is OK, but I only offer small hosting account sizes (1-5 GB). I have been pushing people that need more features and space to pay google $5 a month for their google apps. Do people typically use the cPanel email solution or do you use something else?
  3. That is really sad... Do you have any other suggestions of other hosts to use for web hosting?
  4. I see lots of ResellerClub and Domain Transfers... Also, when you sign up for Reseller Club reseller account, it makes you deposit money for Domain Registrations. I don't want to use ResellerClub for Domains, but rather just for hosting. Is anyone using it just for shared hosting?
  5. We would like to get away from managing our own dedicated servers and move to more of a managing and getting clients. Currently we have a single dedicated server Xeon with 16 GB of memory that we virtualize into 2 VMs. We run our WHMCS off of 1 VM and our customer's sites off of the other VM. We are looking into resellerclub but we are open to suggestions.
  6. I asked a question recently about what to use for shared hosting. I haven't heard any response yet, but I was wonder if ResellerClub was a possible solution? Is anyone using it? How well does it work with WHMCS?
  7. Currently we operate our hosting through a co-located server at a local data center. The costs are really expensive and we don't have any disaster recovery other than a RAID. We are looking at possibly getting VMs somewhere, looking at Rackspace Cloud Sites, etc... Does anyone have any solutions as to a better way to go?
  8. I am currently working on this now again. I will let you know when it is complete.
  9. you can do this... after the autoauth is successful, point your browser to a php page with the following php script that will print out the entire session array: <? session_start(); echo("<pre>" . print_r($_SESSION) . "</pre>"); ?>
  10. My site is doory.com and the login is located on the right sidebar Try this... log in with a random username and password log in with this test account: email: test@test.com password: test
  11. I decided not to use session on the Joomla side and I got this to work. What I do is on the Joomla module, I call ajax functions to get session outside of joomla (WHMCS session) and it is working well.
  12. I built a joomla 2.5 module that correctly integrates an AJAX login. It does this all through AJAX requests and is really smooth. It uses mootools ajax request to call the validateLogin API. Then onComplete, it does another ajax request to do the autoauth. The autoauth correctly sets the PHP session variables and the WHMCS correctly believes I am logged in. But from Joomla!, I can't read those $_SESSION variables. After a ton of research, it turns out the Joomla uses their own database session state. Does anyone know how I can read the session variables that are set in autoauth in Joomla? Thanks, --Jeff
  13. BTW... I see that I never thanked you for this post. This was exactly what I needed, so thanks!
  14. Excellent! I want my 3 hosting packages to be 3 boxes on the same line. So I edited the style.css #order-modern .products to have a width of 30% instead of 50%. And I changed the products.tpl from: {if $num % 2}<div class="clear"></div> to: {if $num % 3}<div class="clear"></div> The style change worked, but I am still seeing 2 hosting packages on a line and the 3rd one underneath: https://doory.com/account/cart.php Is products.tpl not the correct template? Or is there something else wrong?
  15. I want to update how my hosting products look in my cart: https://doory.com/account/cart.php to something like my sales pages: http://doory.com/website-hosting Does anyone know which template file I need to look at changing? Thanks, --Jeff
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