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  1. The WHMCS Sitemap module makes it so simple to add a fully dynamic, valid and stylish sitemap to your WHMCS install. This plugin, is simple to use, simple to setup, and provides a much easier way of getting a sitemap for WHMCS system than can be achieved any other way. No longer will you have to visit a sitemap generator website, wait, wait, wait, then edit/upload files on your hosting plan. The WHMCS Sitemap Generates a sitemap which can be submitted to all the major search engines and adheres to the sitemap protocols set out for sitemaps. The sitemap also features a xsl stylesheet to give your sitemap a user friendly appearance. Custom pages can be added/edited/removed all on the fly from within the admin interface. Options for pages include : URL Priority Change Frequency Last Modified. Whats more, integration for 3rd modules now possible, soon our cms and forum modules will automatically add your content to the sitemap! Check it out here: WHMCS Sitemap
  2. This module allows you reward your customers for performing actions. Now you can run a rewards programme for your customers, rewarding them for continued support. Award points for Registering, Performing Actions, Purchasing Products, Rating Tickets. And with 3rd module module intergration soon to be provided, users can be rewarded for performing actions such as replying to forum posts, fast tracking tickets and much more. Check it out here: Achievements & Rewards Programme
  3. We have just released a major update for this module, which includes: More v6 compatibility, removal of deprecated mysql functions, and module is now released as OPEN SOURCE!!!!! https://clients.no-half-pixels.com/whmcs-seo
  4. Hello dimitri, Sorry for the delay on this, ive logged in and made the changes for you now. Just to clarify this was a change needed with the template and not the module files. regards
  5. Hello terry, Sorry we were a bit quite yesterday (to clarify ive been in contact with you since saturday and responded to you on sunday as well with only yesterday been unable to send you a response), I was in a meeting for most of the day, but we are working on the issue for you. Again to clarify for everybody else who may be interested this isnt actually a bug within the software, its the server not being able to accept amount of data being sent over $_GET requests causing a 414 error. This is a mixture of both the amount of support departments you have (making a large data set), and the lightspeed servers low limits which cannot be increased (any apache or nginx users would not have this problem). Even so now the local issue is known we can put in place modifications to ensure this works for you, hopefully before the days out. This is the only issue reported for the module since release and is more of an infrastructure issue than a coding issue, but with the issue we can and will make it possible for you to use the module issue free.
  6. Hello fellow whmcs users. We have just released what we have found to be a hugley requested module feature in our latested v6 only support extended module. https://d13x91ep2orgnz.cloudfront.net/support_extended/support_extended_fast_track_cta.png Checkout the module features and screenshots here: WHMCS Support Extended Or see the module description below: Opening hours, auto replies, staff hours, fast track ticket upgrades, average response times and much more. The support extended module provides many features the whmcs support lacks "out of the box" giving you greater support control for your website and customers. Opening Hours Not every business provides support round the clock, and not every customer understands this. This module gives you control on when your departments are "open" by allowing you to set down to the minute opening hours for each department. When your departments closed it displays a neat sidebar widget with titles and text you control to explain the department is closed and when it will be open. It doesnt lock the department out as no-one could open or reply to tickets, but it does let your customers know when to expect a reply. Staff Hours Equally not every member of staff is on duty all of the time. By default WHMCS sends notifications to all admins when tickets are updated. With this module we let you control when staff are working and disable any ticket update notifications outside of these hours on a per staff member basis. Say goodbye to multiple unread ticket notifications emails while you sleep! Auto Ticket Replies We have made it possible above to set when departments are closed and open, displaying a nice sidebar widget detailing when the department is open again. But what about email replies? These customers wont know your closed as they havent visited the site? This can be handled by auto replying when out of hours messages to tickets from the admin chosen. these will get added as a normal admin response, so you can let your customers when to expect a reply. Response Times Every advanced ticket system has average response times, so why should your site be any different? Take advantage of the modules global and per department average response times, giving you the ability to tailor the result based on latest number of tickets to check against. Opt Out Feedback Emails the feedback email system in WHMCS is great to get some valuable feedback from your customers, however it can be a little intrusive. Solution: Give your clients the ability to opt out of these feedback emails using a checkbox on there proflle page! Fast Track Tickets WHMCS is a billing and automation platform yet provides little in the way of monetizing your support area. Yes you can generate invoices for work done during a ticket, but no way to prioritise tickets by fast tracking them. With this module you give your customer the option to "Fast Track" there ticket. You set the price, sidebar and link text (detailing the sla's, response times, etc associated with purchasing the fast track upgrade). Your customer decides if there current request is in need of the highest priority. This is great for business effecting problems your customers need addressing asap. Customers can choose upon opening a ticket, or at any point during the tickets life to upgrade to fast track service. When they do an invoice is generated in their currency (based on the base currency price you set in the settings). Once this invoice is paid there ticket gets marked as a "Fast Track" ticket via a pre created ticket status. Your administrators get a notification of the fast track via a dedicated admin email template, and an escalation rule is put in place to provide even more feedback to ensure you can provide the extended fast track experience. Merge Fields Knowing response times, opening hours and if a department is closed or open can be useful in multiple places, not just your tickets sidebar. So the module provides response time, opening hours, and closed/open variables which can be used anyway in your web template or any client email template!
  7. Hello estaban, We have litterally 5 minutes ago released a new extended support module which includes this ability, you can check it out on our site here: https://clients.no-half-pixels.com/whmcs-support-extended Its one of our latest v6 only modules, so if you intend on using it make sure your running whmcs v6 or more.
  8. This module is no longer available due to change in linkedin api status which prevents the module from using the invites api.
  9. yes we thought it was a good way forward for most businesses as with whmcs being on a new release the chance of multiple template updates is quite high and these arent effected by those changes which makes them much more stable while v6 is in its infancy.
  10. The WHMCS Notifications takes advantage of the new WHMCS V6 notifications features and allows you to add custom notifications for your clients. The module uses the new notifications feature to provide you another line of communication with your clients. You can create notifications for specific clients, client groups, products, clients without certain products, and product groups. The notifications have 4 severity levels, info, warning, success, and danger giving you the ability to mark certain information (and let your template control how it gets displayed). Each notification has the ability to be "dismissed" meaning the client will never see it again, or you can disable this functionality per notification. The notifications can contain any custom html and also can contain ANY SMARTY TAGS available to the page! There must be endless uses for client notifications, to name a few: promotions, callback requests, upselling new products, product updates, service downtime. Checkout the screenshots to see how easy it is to add notifications to your site. Checkout the notifications module here: https://clients.no-half-pixels.com/whmcs-notifications
  11. WHMCS template skins make changing the look and feel of your site effortless. No longer do you need to worry about whmcs updates, or template changes between updates. With the idea of css "skins" you can set the look and feel of your site WITHOUT editing the core whmcs template files or maintaining your own. The WHMCS template engine (smarty) is quite flexible, but with nearly every new whmcs update comes new template modifications. This can be a hasle for a small outfit, let alone a huge hosting enterprise where your sites availability is mission critical. We have developed the WHMCS Skins Manager module which lets you upload and switch skins at will. The way this works is by adding the skins css after your templates css. This overrides the visual aspect of your template without touching any smarty code! The skins are tailored specifically to the WHMCS V6 theme but because they are based on bootstrap they can and have been known to work well with any other bootstrap 3 developed template. To setup simply install the FREE module, checkout the skins and install the one(s) you like best, more are on the way! Whats more we offer the v2 bootstrap style skin for FREE so you can see how the module works and consider the other great skins. checkout our FREE Skins manager and our skins here: https://clients.no-half-pixels.com/whmcs-skins
  12. hi ata, sorry for the delay, unfortunatley no it doesnt add any of those restrictions, but we have held back many requested features for this module, waiting to see if whmcs add this sort of stuff into the main software (as it should be really). now we know they havent in v6 i will get started on added new stuff like these restriction features.
  13. Im not sure i can see your ticket? can you let me know if this still isnt working for you? - - - Updated - - - As confirmed by your latest ticket reply this isnt an issue anymore after applying the actual fix to the problem we suggested (not related to the module or its functionality). No alterations to module were made to fix the problem.
  14. It backs up everything, including the database using the servers mysqldump program. whats more we have just released an update which includes being able to set a sub folder on s3 and dropbox based backups. AND we have a 50% promo right now using the promo code: NNYTZ8PJ36
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