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serial subscriptions

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My client requires a serial code subscription site.

As I know WHMCSscript is very good at handling subscriptions I thought might do best to use that with some customisation.


What is needed:

The serial deliveried when customer pay for subscription.


Format of serial: c: domain.com 5001 username password


breakdown of serial - only thing that changes will be user & password..both these should be 8 characters in length each with a space in between. I know your license addon can do this, but when i tried on a test server, it could only generate 1 serial not 2 as we want. 1 for login 2 for password.


the serial are basically login details giving the customer access to his server.

And he ideally wants instant activation so his cusotmer can access immediately once serial is issued.

So, what he needs todo is. generate approx 200 serials (login pasword) once a day.

these serials saved to a file on his linux server (different server from location of whmcs)


If 10 serials where sold today. it would take give out 1st 10 serials in the list.

then once a day it would check how many sold today and generate replacments. bringing total of serials in file upto 210 serials. This ensure every days there is max 200 serils live ready for delivery.


Now the tricky bit :)

When whmcs suspends an account it should write to serials file on clients server (same one serials are stored as active) and put a "#" subol before the customers login & password. This suspends the customers account on my clients server without deleting it.


When whmcs deleted a subscription say after 14 days. It find the customer login & password in file and deltes it from my clients server file.


This is an urgent job and only people who know they can complete it should contact me.

s_k_y_p_e - buyflood

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