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A bit confused? Please advise on {if}code{/if}


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Greetings. I am using this forum for the first time, so any guidance or help is appreciated in advance.


I am Running the latest version (Top hats of to WHMCS on this update)


I am choosing to use the knowledge base as my product showcase area and "articles" are placeholder pages for individual "Product Details" I link to these pages with MORE DETAILS in product descriptions for cart.


I am using the Default template.


I am attempting to edit knowledgebasecat.tpl


The idea is that when the user selects a KB category they will see some additional graphics and text pertaining to that top level selection.


I am attempting to get a simple message to appear first. My theory is based on the kbcat.id


my experimental code is as follows:


{if $kbcat.id eq "5"} Product Category 5 {/if}


I am have been stuck on this for a few hours, I am a bit confused as simple as it is doesn't want to work with me. If anyone could share a bit of expertise with me here I would greatly appreciate the help. I really want to understand why and how this should work.


Wishing you a happy holidays!:-)

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Try this instead. I am not able to test at the moment....


{if $kbcat.id == "5"} Product Category 5 {/if}


See http://php.net/manual/en/language.operators.comparison.php


i know the above refers to native PHP code (not Smarty), but the double equals sign is a standard format used in Perl, PHP and many other languages to compare a variable to a number. eq is meant for strings.

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Thanks guys, I got responses for Christmas.


The code is as documented by whmcs, and smarty.


{if $kbcat.id eq "5"} then say this{/if}


Only it does not seem to work on this template file.


Tried to use the == no luck there either. I will post the entire code chunk here, just will have to be when I get back to my desk.


The statement and function works anywhere else, just not on this page? Like I said it shouldn't even be an issue it's so simple, but perhaps there is something else in that block quote I am missing?


Thanks gents for your input...I'm listening to Newfie music in your honor!


Will post entire page source soon.

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Here is the complete code:

{include file="$template/pageheader.tpl" title=$LANG.knowledgebasetitle}




<br />

{if $kbcat.id eq "5"}Say hello{/if}

<div class="well">

<div class="textcenter">

<form method="post" action="knowledgebase.php?action=search" class="form-stacked">


<input class="bigfield" name="search" type="text" value="{if $searchterm}{$searchterm}{else}{$LANG.kbquestionsearchere}{/if}" onfocus="this.value=(this.value=='{if $searchterm}{$searchterm}{else}{$LANG.kbquestionsearchere}{/if}') ? '' : this.value;" onblur="this.value=(this.value=='') ? '{if $searchterm}{$searchterm}{else}{$LANG.kbquestionsearchere}{/if}' : this.value;"/>

<input type="submit" class="btn large primary" value="Search" />






{if $kbcats}

{include file="$template/subheader.tpl" title=$LANG.knowledgebasecategories}


<div class="clearfix">

{foreach from=$kbcats item=kbcat}

<div class="col4">

<div class="internalpadding">

<img src="images/folder.gif" /> <a href="{if $seofriendlyurls}knowledgebase/{$kbcat.id}/{$kbcat.urlfriendlyname}{else}knowledgebase.php?action=displaycat&catid={$kbcat.id}{/if}" class="fontsize2"><strong>{$kbcat.name}</strong></a> ({$kbcat.numarticles})<br />








{include file="$template/subheader.tpl" title=$LANG.knowledgebasearticles}


{foreach from=$kbarticles item=kbarticle}

<div class="row">

<img src="images/article.gif"> <a href="{if $seofriendlyurls}knowledgebase/{$kbarticle.id}/{$kbarticle.urlfriendlytitle}.html{else}knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id={$kbarticle.id}{/if}" class="fontsize2"><strong>{$kbarticle.title}</strong></a><br />




<br />

<p class="fontsize3 textcenter">{$LANG.knowledgebasenoarticles}</p>

<br /><br /><br />


It is strange? Won't work off of either kbcat.id or kbcat.name. Again, thanks for your attention and any help is appreciated.

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