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whmcs using IE9 and Firefox 8


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sorry for posting a thread that may have been asked before, but i spent about 3 hours right now reading previous posts with no similar problem, and/or no solution. i submitted a ticket over 12 hours ago, and never received an answer.


the problem summary: when i get to the domain checker page, it doesnt work using Internet Explorer 9 or FireFox 8, but works perfectly fine using Chrome 16 and Safari 5 and Opera 11. I tried it from 6 different computers, 2 at home, and 4 at work, i received the same results on all of them.



go to my website here https://metrohosting.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=9&Itemid=16

and click any of the prices in the table, you will be taken to the domain checker. type any domain you would like using Firefox, and click "check availability", the page will fade away, you will get the nice cool searching bar spinning across, but nothing happens past that point. it stays on that screen, even if you leave it for half hour.

but using internet explorer 9 (32bit and 64bit versions i got same results), if you go through the same process by visiting my website and clicking any price to order, the page already looks different because it's showing all 3 choices of domain registration/transfer/use own, which is no big deal really, so type a domain, click "check availability" the page refreshes, and takes you to the list of hosting packages i made in whmcs, eventhough we never recieved an answer about the domain availability, click "order now" on any of the packages, the pages just refreshes and nothing happens, no matter what package you choose, no matter what domain you type, no matter what TLD you choose, i get same result everytime.


i would like to mention the following:

1) i had v5.0.2 which had that problem, then found there is a new version yesterday v5.0.3. i upgraded, and it was upgraded successfullly, but it didnt fix anything at all.

2) i'm using joomla 1.5.22 to build my website, if that really matters.

3) i did setup TLDs and set different prices for each one (test it by using chrome, safari or opera)

4) i setup the ResellerClub API correctly to work in WHMCS.

5) i did not play, edit or changed any of the CSS stylesheets within WHMCS, and i did not do any code modifications, all i did is setup WHMCS settings using the admin panel.


i hope i was clear with everything, and i didnt miss anything.

i really hope to be able to pick everyone's brains until i figure this out.


thanks to all

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I don't think that's a good thing.

The most popular 2 browsers in the world are not compatible with the best hosting billing system in the world? It doesn't make any sense.

There has to be a work around, because I see other hosting sites using whmcs and I used ie and ff, works fine, but not my site.

I'm getting desperate for a solution.

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That's not entirely accurate is it?


What you mean is, they are not compatible with your particular implementation of the best hosting billing system in the world....


i suppose you are correct.


but what did i do to make my particular implementation not function the way it's supposed to?


i installed a fresh copy of whmcs 5.0.2 and started configuring it with the server settings, configurations, prices, packages, domain API, etc... i never even put any client info yet, because i wanted to let signup themselves.


thx for the quick reply

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It does....


that is great, atleast we know most browsers affected by the charset.

thx again


I'm a man - no choice about that ;)


Glad it's working for you now.


lol, thx alot for the help.


whmcs support staff, just replied to my ticket last night asking for ftp info...!!! i suppose they are busy.

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