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aussiehq module config issues


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Hi -


I am trying (unsuccessfully at present) to configure WHMCS to operate with the domain registrar module supplied by aussiehq (for domain purchases).


Is anyone successfully using aussiehq with the v5 WHMCS release, as a domain reseller?


Basically when I try to register a new domain, it looks like I am connecting with aussiehq correctly, however the registration step fails with a cryptic error message (from aussiehq).


I have a support ticket in to aussiehq, however I would also like to verify whether the modue does actually work with WHMCS release 5...



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We are using the module without error.


Perhaps if you show the cryptic message here you might get some useful help here :) you can also ring ahq and get your to ticket escalated.


Thanks Damo -

I am having problems registering .au domains specifically, and the error I am getting is:

"Error: #504 Missing attribute - You have failed to provide a necessary command parameter. "


(probably not so cryptic, but it would be nice to know which parameter is missing)


I am guessing that perhaps the ABN and other .au-specific fields are not being handled correctly, because in other testing I have been able to register a .com with no problem.


I am sure there is an issue on my end, but trying to make contact with someone at AHQ who can assist with this is proving a little difficult. At this stage my call has been escalated to a level 3 tech, so I guess I should hear back on a day or so (?)




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Hi Pete,


I normally hear back from them via email when it gets escalated. It can take a second phone call some times. Generally speaking though their system is pretty fool-proof.


It does look like it's related to the information being sent. What type of .au is it? Have you made any changes/modifications to the additionaldomainfields.tpl file? As that's the file that displays and requests the .au specific eligibility fields.


I've not seen that one myself but if you log in to the domain management area of your AHQ reseller account you may see the domain registration listed as pending. You might get some more information from there.

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Just checking that you have filled out ALL the fields in the domain registrar configuration screen of WHMCS too.


The domain I was registering was a .com.au, and I am fairly sure that I supplied the ABN, company name, and other details that are required for this.


I haven't touched additionaldomainfields.php although it may have been overwritten as part of testing with another registrar.


In setting up the AHQ domain registrar module, following the instructions supplied, I actually only entered my username and api key - it was not clear whether the remaining fields are mandatory or optional, and the form validation didn't complain about leaving some of the fields blank... Likewise, the mods to additionaldomainfields.php file appear to be optional, but perhaps I should have done this also...


In the domain registrar setup screen, there are two fields that I am confused about:

WHMCS_API_User - Username to login into your WHMCS installalation API

WHMCS_API_Pass - Password to login into your WHMCS installation API


Are these two fields my main WHMCS (admin) username and password, or should I have created a username/password specifically for using the AHQ api?


I'm going to do the 5.0.3 upgrade this morning, and then re-install and reconfigure the AHQ module, to ensure that I am working from a clean codebase.


Then it's onto the phone again to talk with AHQ :)

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Ah that makes more sense now.


Go to API Centre -> API Settings in your AHQ account and get the API username and password from there. These must be entered in the config screen for WHMCS_API_User and WHMCS_API_Pass. You will also need to add allowable IP addresses.


We have all the fields completed on the WHMCS config screen.

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Hi Damo -


Well... after doing a full reload and reconfigure of WHMCS... I believe that I might have had a problem with the additionaldomainfields.php file. All seems to be working correctly now...


I have managed to register a ".com.au" domain via WHMCS, so I think we are good to go now.


Thanks for your input - really appreciate it.




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