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[NOT A BUG] Plesk9 module does not work

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This is not a 5.0 bug. By coincidence after updating to 5.0 we lost the old school 'plesk' module and wound up with the individual version modules - plesk8, plesk9, plesk10.


Since our servers are all Plesk 9 boxes anyway, I figured I would just switch all products over to using the plesk9 module. Except it doesn't work. I had to switch it to the plesk8 module in order to make auto provisioning work at all, otherwise I would get an Error 1014 (even though the client details are all accurate and have no special characters). Using the Plesk8 module on a Plesk 9.5.4 server works perfectly.


See here for others describing the same problem:




This is not likely to be a problem for others upgrading, but it will be a problem for new users and should be fixed. Why is there even a Plesk9 module if it doesn't function?

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NO! Don't do that! I learned from Matt that you should add THIS to your config.php:


$pleskpacketversion = "";

before the end.


It's an issue with their API and not all people experience this. Trust me, do NOT use the Plesk8 with a Plesk9 system, it will cause you to do surgery on your database!!!


And their Plesk9 version is actually OK - it's when Plesk puts updates out they change bits without telling anyone - which they are famous for...

I can't wait to have the time to migrate off Plesk.....

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Thanks CavalloComm,


I've applied that to my configuration.php file and put the servers back to the Plesk9 module - hopefully that will do the trick.


Parallels regularly changes / increases the packet versioning system, but the API has a simple connection call that returns the current packet version number. I wrote a WHMCS plugin that connects to all your Plesk servers and gets status information and came upon different issues with the API version differences at that time. I used the initial connection request to get the current version and adapt to different bugs in older packet versions accordingly. I don't see why the plesk9 module can't do this for us.


Regarding database issues - how would that be the case? All calls are done through the Plesk API, which means WHMCS doesn't have any access to do direct DB transactions. I used the Plesk8 module for a few provisions and ran a DB check on the psa database; everything reports fine.

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Maybe it was a fluke on my end. I am usinig SimpleDNS Plus and for whatever reason, when I added the domain using Plesk8 as you suggested before I opened a support ticket, I could not no matter what I did add that domain to DNS. No matter what I did. Then I had to go into the PSA Database and I noticed it added the domain several times in the DNS table. I cleared all of that out, and ran with plesk9 using the above and all worked.


I would be interested in your Plugin??

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