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Updates and Support Issue


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I recently emailed support in regards to the yearly updates and support fee. A few months ago I decided to not extend my updates and support for another year, until an update came out that was worth paying the fee for. I did not want to pay for another year when only minor updates were done and none that would benefit my use for the license.


I wanted to access version 4.1.2, which is the last update I had access to prior to my updates and support membership expiring, but to my amaze it told me I did not have access to download this and I had to purchase the yearly fee. I understand 4.2 came out after my status had expired, but I paid for the updates for last year, therefore, I should have access to download them.


As it stands now, if I lost my WHMCS script for some reason, I would not have the ability to download 4.1.2, the current version I paid for updates to run, and would be stuck with no script unless I paid the yearly fee for a newer version I had no use for.


With any script, i.e.) Kayako or vBulletin, when you pay for the 6 or 12 months of upgrades you have access to these for life. I can log in to Kayako's member area and download the current version as long as I want to. When my yearly fee expires, I still have access to the most current version of the script while my updates membership was still active. This is the way WHMCS should be.


This is nothing against the yearly fee for updates, as I have no problem paying once there is an update that is beneficial to me and how I use the script. However, once I pay I should have access to those updates that are released during the 12 month period of my updates and support, for life.

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If you think that is bad i purchased a copy of WHMCS thru a reseller who i had a server thru.


Left the company and went to do upgrades to find out i couldn't as the the one i purchased from the hosting company wasn't in my name so i couldn't do anything i had to buy another version of WHMCS even tho the WHMCS version i had was on my domain name in my name and everything but still couldn't do anything.


So in reality i have purchased 2 copies of WHMCS full licence but i only have 1 licence the hosting company got to keep my other licence dodgy hosting company


So if you need to purchase WHMCS make sure you buy it direct thru http://www.whmcs.com to ensure your covered and the licence is in your name

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I understand Craig. A couple years ago, I purchased my owned WHMCS license thru a reseller, but everything was in my name and I had an account on WHMCS.com that I could manage my license thru. Perhaps the license you purchased thru your server reseller, was only reselling a license they owned and leased it to you? I do not know the specifics of your situation, but mine are clear.


If you purchase an owned license, you will only have access to download the script for a period of 1 year. If you decide to not purchase their yearly access to updates and support, you CAN NOT download the script without paying the $44.95 yearly fee. For example, if you purchased your license December 2008, you would have access to updates thru December 2009, or WHMCS 4.1.2. Come January, you decide to not purchase the yearly access to updates, you DO NOT have access to download ANY version any longer. So your owned license you purchased, gives you a license and no way of downloading the WHMCS 4.1.2 you had active support thru.


Version 4.2.x + I can understand not having access to, but you should still have access to download versions of the script while your support was still active. This is how Kayako, vBulletin, and many other major software companies handle yearly fees, etc. Why would WHMCS be any different?


Even the main page says OWNED LICENSE


$249.95 One Time - Order Now »


* Valid for one installation

* Powered by WHMCS link in the footer of your end-user client area

* 1 Years Support & Updates Included - Optional Renewals @ $44.95/Year after that

* The license is valid forever with no requirement to renew


There is no obligation to renew if you do not want further support or updates. So if your 1 year was up in December 2009, you would not have access to FUTURE updates, but SHOULD still have access to versions prior to December 2009 to download.

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