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How to stop pop.php cron emails?


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Today, I noticed that my disk usage was nearing its limit. After doing some investigation, I discovered that the cron job 'php -q /home/vertimys/public_html/clients/pipe/pop.php' was set to run every minute (I did this so I would import tickets quickly).


As a result, the default catch-all email account (which I don't use or check) was being flooded with emails every minute, eating up all my disk space. I now have 70,000+ emails. Is there a way to stop the emails from being sent? All they do is tell me how many tickets the cron imported:


<b>POP Import Log</b><br>Date: 13/07/2010 10:26:01<hr>Host: pop.gmail.com<br>Email: support@mydomain.com<br>Email Count: 0<hr>Host: pop.gmail.com<br>Email: billing@mydomain.com<br>Email Count: 0<hr>


I don't feel I need to know this, but I'm fairly certain I need the cron job to run at least every 5 minutes to import support tickets sent to my Google Apps mail address.

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Awesome thanks, working great. Now I just need to figure out how to delete all these emails... :P 60,000 of them eating up disk space. I tried deleting them out of the /mail/cur folder, but for some reason, even after it looks like Filezilla deleted them all, they're still there if I refresh the folder. I suppose it could be a permissions issue, I may have to contact my host about it.

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The mail files in your cur directory should be owned by yourself, but if you contact your host they'll be able to delete the files very quickly for you.


If you have shell access on your account you can also delete them via there if you know how.

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Yeah, I have experience working with the shell, but no shell access on this account. I'll ask my host, because 60,000 emails is a lot for one man to delete manually through the webmail interface, if I want to stay (slightly) sane. :P

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