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Server Down SMS Ticket Hook

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Thought this might be useful for some people...


As I host on my own, no staff apart from the datacenter, I need to know if someone has a site / issue right away, server issues are dealt with via SMS too (WHM) but this simple hook might be useful for some people :)


Code for the file "/includes/hooks/send247sms.php"


function send247sms($args)

   // Set the department ID for the server/website critical tickets
   $criticaldept = 7;

   // Set your mobile number
   $adminnumber = "447792707123";

   if($args['deptid'] == $criticaldept) mail($adminnumber."@txtlocal.co.uk", "sender=bdigital", "A server/website critical ticket has been opened."); 

add_hook("TicketOpen", 1,"send247sms", "");


Just create a new department which tickets need to be an existing customer and set up a pipe for somethign like 247tech@domain.com.


Making it work... head toward http://txtlocal.co.uk and create an account. You get 10 free texts to test it and it's only a fiver for 100 which is more than enough for small hosts...


You can configure it to use cURL but for ease of explanation, use email to SMS.


You will NEED to set up the allowed email address to send texts from... this mean add your sites username @ your server if cPanel and using suPHP.


Hope this helps somebody!



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Good idea, we use the same in our Kayako installation. The everlasting problem is though, that a customer can decide if his or her ticket is critical. Even though we don't face any issues, it's a possible problem when your customer base grows.

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