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Webbix : Review Module

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Hello WHMCS!


Recently Webbix was successful in creating another module for WHMCS. This one is not generally for Resellers, but for anyone who uses WHMCS who would like opinions from their customers.


This module allows you to create multiple questions and multiple reviews. When creating the questions, you may create either: a Scale Type questions, which could include Star Rating, or 1 - 10 rating, Multiple Choice, or a simple input or textarea field.


When creating a review, you may set a minimum number of days a client must have a service in order to fill out the review. You may also set a secure password, which will create a secure url for your clients who haven't registered. A secure link could look like :





PREVIEW REVIEW FORM : http://www.webbix.ca/secure/review.php?reviewid=1&pass=a80c5570f1f8ecf90fbd098f9acfe941


SCREENSHOTS = http://www.webbix.ca/screenshots/



Q&A =


Question = "You can create a custom field where the customer can enter info. would this not do the same thing. Except if it generated a report instead?"


Answer = "You can do it that way as well, but this module is to keep it all located in one place, as well it allows you to create reviews and customize the way you want it to look like (Smarty Templates) and is generally for feedback after using service for a certain period of time, not on order. Questions such as, `How are you enjoying the services`, and `How can we make it better`, `Rate the overall performance of our servers`"

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How do you order ?



Would this be possible to be transformed into a testimonial reviews page ? so a client side to see other reviews also?



Hey gs-Liam!


You can order here http://www.webbix.ca/secure/cart.php?gid=16 and it is encoded. You can also view all the reviews on a client side page, http://www.webbix.ca/screenshots/7.bmp

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