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How to call wordpress header in header.tpl


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I would like to call the wordpress header in my header.tpl. But several options have left me nowhere... Calling the WP functions has not helped, like this:


global $wpdb, $table_prefix; 
require( 'http://www.evoned.nl/wp-load.php' );


And then use the include_php function in the .tpl file. No luck... already 6 hours spent!


Any ideas?

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You can't include this way..

<?php include('http://www.evoned.nl/wp-config.php');  ?> 


correct way: (use relative path to wp-load.php

	define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);




Or the other method is to create a getheader.php in the rooth of WP folder. and add the following code.


	define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);



And then add the following code in the header.tpl file under your WHCMS theme folder.

(assumed that you installed WP in the root of the domain)

echo file_get_contents('http://www.yourdomain.com/getheader.php');




Hope this helps you. :)

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I have managed to do this once. I'll need to find where i got the info from but i remember it used a cron to run every so often and take the info from the wp header/footer and update the header/footer on whmcs. Or you can just make a static whmcs theme based on your wordpress layout and if you change any of your wp links you'd have to manually change the whmcs theme.

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I took a different approach. 

I created a hook called navigation.php to change the WHMCS menu to have the Wordpress menu items. In my header.tpl I then just modified the style to match my Wordpress style. This is the safest option.  


add_hook('ClientAreaNavbars', 1, function ()
    // Load Wordpress can get the menu itmes
    $wpMenu = wp_get_nav_menu_items('Top Menu');
    // Get the current navigation bars.
    $primaryNavbar = Menu::primaryNavbar();
    $secondaryNavbar = Menu::secondaryNavbar();
    // Remove unecessary menu items from WHMCS
    $primaryNavbar->removeChild('Network Status');
    $primaryNavbar->removeChild('Contact Us');

    // Keep menu in order
    $order = 1;

    // Add a WHMCS menu for each Wordpress menu
    foreach($wpMenu as $item) {


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