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  1. Buongiorno Kian, grazie per il tuo reply, si ho inserito correttamente il nome del custom field che appunto è "Codice Fiscale" ma nel momento in cui testo l'ordine dal WHMCS inserendo Nome e Cognome ed un codice fiscale corretto a livello di sintassi ma con lettere differenti, non viene verificato dal sistema, come se l'hook non venisse appunto eseguito.
  2. Hi Brian, thank you for your reply... I have already seen into marketplace and even out ot it some solution about my goal and necessity but i have seen that with "multibrand for whmcs" developed from modulesgarden isn't usable from me because i have already clients / products / invoices included in my whmcs, this kind of solution would be great with a new whmcs brand configuration starting from scratch. About "multisite module" i need to have more informations about developer to understand if his product it's correct for me. > if hiding all groups is not an option, then you're probably looking at hooks to determine which groups are show, when and to whom... but that could get complicated.  Yes, i'll might exhibit to some user that come from an URL or click on some only direct whmcs link only some product or group in which are only some hosting products 😕
  3. Hi all, i 'm a particular situation because i have some different whmcs installations with different products, clients and so on. I'm unifying all of them in only one whmcs installation importing them in this new one. Obv i need to continue have some different products and group products that are imported from 5 whmcs version, my goal is that when a user from a website click on direct whmcs product link can see only hosting products grouped in the same "Group products". Below a simple example: In whmcs i have two different Group products: a) Group name: Hosting A - Hosting A1 - Hosting A2 b) Group name: Hosting B - Hosting B1 -Hosting B2 If user click from my website ( in which are only hosting grouped in Group name a ) direct link for "Hosting A1", so he goes in whmcs and need to see only Product hosting HostingA1 and Hosting A2. He will never have to see Hosting B1 and Hosting B2. Is there some possibilites to do it? Thank you very much. Regards
  4. Salve, Stavo provando ad inserire un hook in whmcs 7.5 per la verifica del C.F. ho difficoltà però a renderlo funzionante in quanto non sembra essere preso in considerazione dal sistema. Ammetto la non particolare praticità ancora nell'utilizzo degli hook, ad ogni modo chiedo, se possibile, una mano su impostazione hook corretta per verifica del C.F. tramite ovviamente customfield inserito nel form di login del cliente. Un forte ringraziamento a tutti.
  5. Hi Kian, I have a different output from your query that from SELECT customfields FROM mod_invoicedata WHERE invoice = '{YOUR_INVOICE_ID}'; need to be SELECT clientdetails FROM mod_invoicedata WHERE invoice = '{YOUR_INVOICE_ID}'; anyway i changed data from db that i need. Thank you for your time and help that was very appreciated
  6. Hi Kian, thank you for your answer and to help me, unfortunately i can't reach goal with this query because i have two problem, first that i need to make a change from your first query using below SELECT clientsdetails FROM mod_invoicedata WHERE invoiceid = '{invoice_number}' then if i follow your guide ans suggestion and copy the content in box 3 for the new query i have a syntax error as below Syntax error in SQL query near ''a:2:{i:0)' on line 1 the query is UPDATE mod_invoicedata SET clientsdetails = "a:2:{i:0;s:16:"I_LOVE_SARA";i:1;s:16:"I_LOVE_BERLUSCA";}" WHERE invoiceid = '{invoice_number]' 😕
  7. Hi all i need to solve a problem with a wrong invoice ( obv paid from my client ) due a wrong data insert in registration from client. in my 7.5 whmcs version there's checked "Store Client Data Snapshot" option and it's working correctly, i need so ( i think that is the only way ) modify wrong data from db table mod_invoicedata.customfields and mod_invoicedata.clientdetails but value that i need to change is into a big array and i don't know how touch correctly it. Someone has some suggestions or workaround to solve this problem that i think could be really common after whmcs upgrade system and changing ? Thank you so much. Regards
  8. Esi

    Electronic invoicing

    Hi Kian, so your product on katamaze web site is complete to implement it with whmcs actual version to fulfill with italian electronic invoice system ? Thank you so much for your answer and your work.
  9. Hi all, i need to remove from client area the possibility of "disabile auto renew" for product and domain that are near their expirations, in this way client need to renew his products / domains if hasn't remove auto renew correctly in time. In my case i have in my t.o.s. client needs to disable auto renew 30days before expiration days to respect my contract and about it i send him email about his product's expiration, but obv if client enter in his clientarea and flag the "disable auto renew" even after 30 days and even after invoice generation, i have a problem. So is there a way to disable possibility to flag "disable auto renew" before product's expiration date ? Thank you so much for your help. Regards
  10. Hi Remitur, in this case i want prevent eventually invoice item to 0.00$. So normally your solution could be great for a workaround of eventually normal condition i think. I think that is would be great to implement, perhaps did you have some example using this hook ? Thank you for your suggestions and help.
  11. Actually i'm not using a registrar for automatic domains registration, so i haven't this kind of problem or this purpose Sure, but how manage one client who buys only domain through my whmcs is really buying automatically this hosting product without choose it in his cart process? This solution would be great if when domain is bought automatically it would be configured with hosting dns product, so in whm would be created account hosting according this package. Thank you
  12. Hi radwebhosting, thank you for your reply, yes i'm seeing their module https://www.busyrack.com/cpanel-dns-manager/ and even modulsgarden module about it https://www.modulesgarden.com/products/whmcs/dns-manager But i'll hope whmcs integrate this funcionality in its core because will be normal offering it. Thanks . Regards
  13. Hi all, i need of a functionality that right now whmcs hasn't implemented on his actual core. I would want that a client when buy only a domain ( without no addon product or hosting product ) there's a order in whmcs that create automatically on whm server an hosting product, obv in invoice item need to be only domain price and no other things. Someone have implemented it or can give me suggestions how do it works? Thank you so much. Regards for any help.
  14. Hi @bady i don't know if whmcs will fix this our problem. Really i don't know it. Can you give me link to see that Case CORE-11836 is till open ? I don't find it.
  15. Hi John do you have some news about it ? i can't see this case CORE-11836 in changelog. thank you

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