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CURL Timeout with WHM Automation


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Alright, I'm about fully stumped right now. Everything is as it should 2068/7 is open both in and out, Shell_Exec() is enabled, yet I'm still getting CURL timeouts on WHM Account Creation.


It's 2086 and 2087, but I'm guessing that's a typo.

What is the error message you receive, if any?

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I looked at that solution, and tried it both ways, with IP and with HostName.. neither worked. As far as the firewall goes, yes.. when we isntalled cPanel/WHM the firewall was restarted after the ports were opened..


When my partner comes back online, I'll try disabling the firewall and see what happens

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In the meantime, you could just add the connecting server's IP into the allow list (assuming CSF firewall), and remove that from the equation without opening up the whole server.


You might also watch both sides of the connection attempt via shell if you have it on both, or at least on the gaining server to see if the sending server's IP shows up at all during the attempt. Log files on each server may hold info, too.

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Ok, well.. now I'm lost.. We've disabled firewall, added the IP to the CSF allow list, and I'm even on another IP address, and it's STILL Not working

The IP you added is the server that's trying to connect, right?

I'd suggest you consider asking WHMCS for help via ticket. Providing them with more info and possibly allowing them to investigate should help more than me guessing with no access to try things. ;)

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Correct. In this instance, WHMCS and WHM are on the same server.. I'm going to dig through the Apache logs, and open a support ticket


The funny thing is, I can connect to my remote WHM with no problems :)

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