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  1. I'm experiencing the same issue as Imation. WHMCS 8.0 rc2 decided to start throwing the idna domain field missing error regardless of whether I have products configured to require domains or not. This did not happen after the initial install of rc2. It occurred at some point after install of rc2. When's the fix for this coming? It's a blocking feature for testing product ordering and provisioning.
  2. I am running into an issue in which the WHMCS installer insists that the necessary files/directories are not r/w when I have even made them world r/w. I've restarted the installer, restarted apache, re-uploaded the source, examined the apache php config. No issues were found and none of the actions have resolved the issue. Has anyone else ran into a similar situation or have a helpful suggestion?
  3. They may or may not allow passing on the fee but I know of a LOT of operations that do just that.
  4. As stated (but, maybe not clearly enough) in the original post I am modifying the existing built-in email templates. Thus why I was curious if there was a cache somewhere that needed to be cleared. I know I need to specify templates if I want to use new ones.
  5. I am in the process of modifying some of the email templates and during testing have discovered that emails being sent are still original design and not the current modifications. Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on? I've searched the documentation & there is no mention of it. Do I need to clear out a cache someplace not mentioned?
  6. What service is this? I want!
  7. If it uses cloud in anything other than "in the cloud" it is simply renaming already existing technologies. AppLogic has been around for 4-5 years at this point. Nothing really new there. All that most of these providers are doing is running HA servers using a shared (and possibly distributed) storage sub-system. You can do everything most of them are doing with publicly available free software. I guess I've just been around this industry enough to not see any of this as new. As my earlier post mentioned, InterWorx is providing HA services in their upcoming 4.5 release. This handles the shared hosting side of the problem. The VM side is also handled easily enough.
  8. I can understand your concerns but, honestly, all this "cloud" BS is just that. It's nothing more than a marketing term for already existing services. You should ask the customers that are leaving what the service they are moving to supposedly provides them that you do not. On shared hosting the ONLY thing I can possibly imagine would be redundant and distributed servers. The dirty truth is that most services marketed as "cloud" are no different than what anyone else is offering. The cloud is only a marketing term that in reality refers only to the internet as we know it. My advice to ALL would be to spend the time on their websites and in their customer communications to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR that this whole "cloud" thing is nothing but a con. BTW, if you want redundant/load balanced shared hosting software you can check out InterWorx and Virtualmin. InterWorx has had load balancing for some time and is releasing redundancy (HA - High Availability) support with the next update expected within the next month. I don't work for either company.
  9. I want to second the items in this list with a modification to item #1. I'd like a multiplatform client. Windows/Mac/Linux would handle everyone. A good code platform would be java. No hassles with recompiles, OS specific code or multi-GUI concerns.
  10. Is there no news on a fix for the problems being experienced with WHMCS 4.1.2 and namespinner 1.5?
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