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  1. I am speaking with paysafecard rn, there is no problem with the module, paysafecard has a lot of ways to connect to websites and what i had was incompatible
  2. Not enough, this is all i have in the docs. You have download a 3.x version of the Paysafecard gateway for WHMCS. This version is actively maintained and only supports Paysafecard's REST api. This module doesn't require any php extensions to be installed. How to install ============== 1. Connect to FTP 2. Go to your whmcs/modules/gateways directory. 3. Upload the whole directory named Upload in this ZIP file. 4. Go to your admin panel => Setup => Payments => Payment Gateways 5. Active Module: Paysafecard. 6. Configure the module. *NOTE*: Please read "Intergration Test". Intergration Test ----------------- ONLY enable the Intergration Test to pass Paysafecard's automated intergration test. Why is there a different option for this? This has to do with Paysafecard's intergration test and the way WHMCS works. When you do the intergration test to test the payment checking on the "ok URL" (the page where you'll be redirected back after the payment) requires us to validate the payment and if validated, add it to the invoice. Only, Paysafecard doesn't authenticate in WHMCS, so they won't be able to access the invoice page at all - so our module also doesn't notice. This option will use a nasty workaround to get around this issue, but it should be *DISABLED* to have the best user experience. If not, users will get white screens. How to upgrade ============== 1. Connect to FTP 2. Go to your whmcs/modules/gateways directory. 3. Upload the whole directory named Upload in this ZIP file. (Overwrite old files) 4. Go to your admin panel => Setup => Payments => Payment Gateways 5. Configure the module and click save. If nothing changed, please also click Save. This because of some WHMCS bugs. Questions? Please email us at support@0100dev.nl. I tryed to contact him via email but nothing
  3. WHMCS Version: 8.1.3 PaysafeCardModule Version: 3.x LINK Hi, i try to enable the module on my systems and i cant understand some things. What data am i suposed to put in here ? : This is how my data on paysafecard looks like and i didnt recieve any more info via email: I dont understand what goes where.
  4. Hi, i am trying to implement on my invoice 2 currencys i am aware that i need to store the exchange rates every day, I i live in Romania and my prices and currency is Euro, but the invoice needs to have the total in RON aswell I have this : The question is : How do i store in the db the exchange rates and how do i get the exchange rates from the db in the invoce?? This is a question that a lot of romanians have , please help us 😃 Sincerely Liviu
  5. Ok so i tryed something, i edited the invoicepdf.tpl to this: But as u can see i need Fixed Invoice Data Mod, i want to mention that i did NOT create this file, how do i install the mod and fix this code, here is a example of the error that it gives : I want it to get the values on the left and convert it in RON, btw i have the conversion rate on top . <?php ################################## # Use this only if you have installed Fixed Invoice Data Mod ################################### # Begin Fixed Invoice Data Mod - uncoment if needed $result = select_query("mod_invoicedata","",array("invoiceid"=>$invoiceid)); $data = mysql_fetch_array($result); $match = $data[0]; if ($match) { $clientsdetails = unserialize($data[1]); $customfields = unserialize($data[2]); } # End Fixed Invoice Data Mod # get the daily currency rate $ron = select_query("tblcurrencies","rate","code='RON'"); $ron_data = mysql_fetch_array($ron); $eur = select_query("tblcurrencies","rate","code='EUR'"); $eur_data = mysql_fetch_array($eur); if ($currency[code] == "EUR" ) { $ron_data[0] = format_as_currency($ron_data[0]/$eur_data[0]); } # Logo - put it in [whmcs]/images/logo.png if (file_exists(ROOTDIR.'/images/logo.png')) $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR.'/images/logo.png',16,5,75); elseif (file_exists(ROOTDIR.'/images/logo.jpg')) $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR.'/images/logo.jpg',16,5,75); else $pdf->Image(ROOTDIR.'/images/placeholder.png',16,5,75); # Invoice Status $statustext = $_LANG['invoices'.strtolower($status)]; $pdf->SetFillColor(223,85,74); $pdf->SetDrawColor(171,49,43); if ($status=="Paid") { $pdf->SetFillColor(151,223,74); $pdf->SetDrawColor(110,192,70); } elseif ($status=="Cancelled") { $pdf->SetFillColor(200); $pdf->SetDrawColor(140); } elseif ($status=="Refunded") { $pdf->SetFillColor(131,182,218); $pdf->SetDrawColor(91,136,182); } elseif ($status=="Collections") { $pdf->SetFillColor(3,3,2); $pdf->SetDrawColor(127); } $pdf->SetXY(0,0); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',28); $pdf->SetTextColor(255); $pdf->SetLineWidth(0.75); $pdf->StartTransform(); $pdf->Rotate(-35,100,225); $pdf->Cell(100,18,strtolower($statustext),'TB',0,'C','1'); $pdf->StopTransform(); $pdf->SetTextColor(0); # Company Details $pdf->SetXY(15,26); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',13); $pdf->Cell(160,6,trim($companyaddress[0]),0,1,'R'); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9); for ( $i = 1; $i <= ((count($companyaddress)>6) ? count($companyaddress) : 6); $i += 1) { $pdf->Cell(160,4,trim($companyaddress[$i]),0,1,'R'); } $pdf->Ln(5); # Header Bar $invoiceprefix = $_LANG["invoicenumber"]; /* ** This code should be uncommented for EU companies using the sequential invoice numbering so that when unpaid it is shown as a proforma invoice ** ** in this template we assume you are using the EU proforma / sequential numbering */ if ($status=="Unpaid") { $invoiceprefix = $_LANG["proformainvoicenumber"]; } $ypos = $pdf->GetY(); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',15); $pdf->SetFillColor(255); $pdf->Cell(180,10,$invoiceprefix.$invoicenum,0,1,'L','1'); $pdf->SetXY(140,$ypos); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',9); if ($status!="Paid") { $pdf->Cell(55,5,$_LANG["invoicesdatecreated"].': '.$datecreated.'',0,1,'R','1'); $pdf->SetX(140); $pdf->Cell(55,5,$_LANG["invoicesdatedue"].': '.$duedate.'',0,1,'R','1'); } else { $pdf->Cell(55,5,$_LANG["invoicesdatecreated"].': '.$datepaid.'',0,1,'R','1'); $pdf->SetX(140); $pdf->Cell(55,5,$_LANG["invoicerefnum"].': '.$invoiceid.'',0,1,'R','1'); } $ypos = $pdf->GetY(); $pdf->SetXY(140,$ypos); #$pdf->Cell(55,5,$_LANG["invoicesdatecreated"].': '.$datecreated.'',0,1,'R','1'); #$pdf->SetX(140); #$pdf->Cell(55,5,$_LANG["invoicesdatedue"].': '.$duedate.'',0,1,'R','1'); $pdf->SetFillColor(255); if ($currency["code"] != "RON") { $pdf->Cell(55,4,"1 ".$currency["code"]." = ".$ron_data["0"].' lei',0,1,'R','1'); } else { $pdf->Ln(1); } $pdf->Ln(5); $startpage = $pdf->GetPage(); # Customer Details $addressypos = $pdf->GetY(); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',10); $pdf->Cell(40,4,$_LANG["invoicesinvoicedto"],0,1); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',9); if ($clientsdetails["companyname"]) { $pdf->Cell(96,4,$clientsdetails["companyname"],0,0,'L'); $pdf->Cell(0,4,$_LANG["invoicesattn"].": ".$clientsdetails["firstname"]." ".$clientsdetails["lastname"],0,1,'R'); } else { $pdf->Cell(0,4,$clientsdetails["firstname"]." ".$clientsdetails["lastname"],0,1,'L'); } $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',8); $pdf->Cell(0,4,$clientsdetails["address1"],0,1,'L'); if ($clientsdetails["address2"]) { $pdf->Cell(0,4,$clientsdetails["address2"],0,1,'L'); } $pdf->Cell(0,4,$clientsdetails["city"].", ".$clientsdetails["state"].", ".$clientsdetails["postcode"],0,1,'L'); $pdf->Cell(0,4,$clientsdetails["country"],0,1,'L'); if ($customfields) { $pdf->Ln(); foreach ($customfields AS $customfield) { $pdf->Cell(0,4,$customfield['fieldname'].': '.$customfield['value'],0,1,'L'); } } $pdf->Ln(10); # Invoice Items $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',8); ### draw a simple table if customer uses RON currency ### if ("RON" == $currency["code"]) { $tblhtml = '<table width="100%" bgcolor="#ccc" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" border="0"> <tr height="30" bgcolor="#e1e1e1" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:left;"> <td width="80%">'.$_LANG['invoicesdescription'].'</td> <td width="20%" style="text-align:right;">'.$_LANG['quotelinetotal'].'</td> </tr>'; foreach ($invoiceitems AS $item) { $tblhtml .= ' <tr bgcolor="#ffffff" style="border:1px solid #333;"> <td align="left">'.nl2br($item['description']).'</td> <td align="right">'.$item['amount'].'</td> </tr>'; } $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#fefefe" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td align="right">'.$_LANG['invoicessubtotal'].'</td> <td align="right">'.$subtotal.'</td> </tr>'; if ($taxname) $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#fefefe" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td align="right">'.$taxrate.'% '.$taxname.'</td> <td align="right">'.$tax.'</td> </tr>'; if ($taxname2) $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#fefefe" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td align="right">'.$taxrate2.'% '.$taxname2.'</td> <td align="right">'.$tax2.'</td> </tr>'; $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#fefefe" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td align="right">'.$_LANG['invoicescredit'].'</td> <td align="right">'.$credit.'</td> </tr> <tr height="30" bgcolor="#f9f9f9" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td align="right">'.$_LANG['invoicestotal'].'</td> <td align="right">'.$total.'</td> </tr> </table>'; } else { $tblhtml = '<table width="100%" bgcolor="#ccc" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" border="0"> <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:center;"> <td width="70%">'.$_LANG['invoicesdescription'].'</td> <td width="15%" style="text-align:right">'.$_LANG['quotelinetotal']." ".$currency["code"].'</td> <td width="15%" style="text-align:right">'.$_LANG['quotelinetotal']." RON".'</td> </tr>'; foreach ($invoiceitems AS $item) { $tblhtml .= ' <tr bgcolor="#fff" style="border:1px solid #333;"> <td align="left">'.nl2br($item['description']).'</td> <td align="right">'.$item['amount'].'</td> <td align="right">'.format_as_currency($ron_data["0"]*$item['amount'])." lei".'</td> </tr>'; } $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#fefefe" style="text-align:right;font-weight:bold;"> <td>'.$_LANG['invoicessubtotal'].'</td> <td>'.$subtotal.'</td> <td>'.format_as_currency($ron_data["0"]*$subtotal)." lei".'</td> </tr>'; if ($taxname) $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#fefefe" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:right;"> <td>'.$taxrate.'% '.$taxname.'</td> <td>'.$tax.'</td> <td>'.format_as_currency($ron_data["0"]*$tax)." lei".'</td> </tr>'; if ($taxname2) $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#fefefe" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:right;"> <td>'.$taxrate2.'% '.$taxname2.'</td> <td>'.$tax2.'</td> <td>'.format_as_currency($ron_data["0"]*$tax2)." lei".'</td> </tr>'; $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#fefefe" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:right;"> <td>'.$_LANG['invoicescredit'].'</td> <td>'.$credit.'</td> <td>'.format_as_currency($ron_data["0"]*$credit)." lei".'</td> </tr> <tr height="30" bgcolor="#f9f9f9" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:right;"> <td>'.$_LANG['invoicestotal'].'</td> <td>'.$total.'</td> <td>'.format_as_currency($ron_data["0"]*($subtotal+$tax+$tax2+$credit))." lei".'</td> </tr> </table>'; } $pdf->writeHTML($tblhtml, true, false, false, false, ''); $pdf->Ln(3); # Transactions $pdf->SetFont('freesans','B',9); $pdf->Cell(0,4,$_LANG["invoicestransactions"],0,1); $pdf->Ln(2); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',8); $tblhtml = '<table width="100%" bgcolor="#ccc" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" border="0"> <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:center;"> <td width="25%">'.$_LANG['invoicestransdate'].'</td> <td width="25%">'.$_LANG['invoicestransgateway'].'</td> <td width="30%">'.$_LANG['invoicestransid'].'</td> <td width="20%" style="text-align:right">'.$_LANG['invoicestransamount'].'</td> </tr>'; if (!count($transactions)) { $tblhtml .= ' <tr bgcolor="#fff"> <td colspan="4" align="center">'.$_LANG['invoicestransnonefound'].'</td> </tr>'; } else { foreach ($transactions AS $trans) { $tblhtml .= ' <tr bgcolor="#fff"> <td align="center">'.$trans['date'].'</td> <td align="center">'.$trans['gateway'].'</td> <td align="center">'.$trans['transid'].'</td>'; if ($currency["code"] != "RON") { $tblhtml .= '<td align="right">'.format_as_currency($ron_data["0"]*$trans['amount'])." lei".'</td>'; } else { $tblhtml .= '<td align="right">'.$trans['amount']." lei".'</td>'; } $tblhtml .= '</tr>'; } } $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td colspan="3" align="right">'.$_LANG['invoicesbalance'].'</td> <td align="right">'; if ($currency["code"] != "RON") { $tblhtml .= format_as_currency($ron_data["0"]*$balance)." lei".'</td>'; } else { $tblhtml .= $balance.'</td>'; } $tblhtml .= ' </tr> </table>'; $pdf->writeHTML($tblhtml, true, false, false, false, ''); # Notes if ($notes) { $pdf->Ln(2); $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',8); $pdf->MultiCell(170,5,$_LANG["invoicesnotes"].": $notes"); } # Generation Date $pdf->SetFont('freesans','',7); $pdf->Ln(1); $pdf->Cell(180,4,$_LANG['invoicepdfgenerated'].' '.getTodaysDate(1),'','','C'); ?>
  6. Hi, i live in Romania and in our country is mandatory to have the total of the invoice in the local currency also for example if the total is 5 Euro, to display under the currency in RON also. Plz help me configure this invoice so i can start my buissnes.
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