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  1. Thanks! I found in the activity logs that there is a syntax error in the template, apparently there is a unknown tag that is being used
  2. Would it maybe be because the Godaddy module that is built in could be outdated? should I maybe look into the Godaddy module from WHMCS marketplace?
  3. Ya I see something similar, I have also made sure that the product group template matches the default just in case that was what was causing problems
  4. So I have done a little research and have possibly found that this error I am getting is from GoDaddy doing some changes to their API Does anyone have an Idea on how I could Adapt WHMCS to these changes? Here is the error I'm getting:
  5. I have been doing some testing and the only templates that will show the final checkout part of the shopping cart is "modern" and "boxes". Does anyone know why that would be
  6. Thanks Chris, I'm not getting any errors in the browser console. I see if I can refresh the files, I'll have to poke around to find them, I was brought in after they installed it and started using it, so I'm not sure where the files will be.
  7. Thanks for getting back to me, we currently have the standard cart selected, but what I have also noticed as I have been poking around trying to trouble shoot for the company I work for, is that it looks like when selecting a package it is actually showing them in the "Premium Comparison" template
  8. Hey There I am going over and testing our WHMCS installation, and when trying to place a order as a client I find that after selecting a service it take the client to an empty page. I was just wondering what would be making this happen? img of the page below This is all that comes up once I select a service, hoping someone has had a similar problem so I can get our installation up and running.
  9. Hello there, I have been connecting some domains on GoDaddy, with clients in WHMCS but when doing so I received this Error that I have never seen before. The client has one extra contact but that contacts information is all filled out so I'm not sure what "fields" this error is talking about. Here is the error that I am seeing at the top of the screen Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. As far as I have found, there is no Canadian Direct Debit options. If there is and I am just missing it I would love to hear about it! I have a lot of clients asking about a Direct Debit option so I just want to be %100 sure there isn't one before I break the news to them.
  11. I'm setting up a domain with GoDaddy and I received this error, I have no idea what "fields' it is talking about all contact info is filled out.
  12. Is there any way to use other Domain registrars that are not on the list? For example is it possible to use Rebel as a Domain registrar?
  13. Hey just wondering if there is anyway to set up a domain registrar that isn't listed in the Domain registrar section. For example would it be possible to set up Rebel as a domain registrar?
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