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  1. Sure, $Data = Capsule::select(Capsule::raw('SELECT value FROM tbladdonmodules WHERE module = "ctaa" AND setting IN ("logo") LIMIT 1')); foreach ($Data as $v) And for the next value i used: $Data2 = Capsule::select(Capsule::raw('SELECT value FROM tbladdonmodules WHERE module = "ctaa" AND setting IN ("text") LIMIT 1')); foreach ($Data2 as $v2) and so on
  2. Thanks, I just fixed it like 5 minutes ago. 🙂
  3. Hi, i will have to split them up, so $logo, $dropdown and $text
  4. Hey, I tryed this but it still wont work: <? use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; add_hook('ClientAreaHeadOutput', 1, function($vars) { $template = $vars['template']; return <<<HTML <link href="{$WEB_ROOT}/modules/addons/ctaa/css/css.css" rel="stylesheet"> <a href="http://google.com"><br/>$logo</a> HTML; $logo = Capsule::table('tbladdonmodules')->where('module','ctaa')->where('setting','logo')->value('logo'); });
  5. Hi, I have an issue with an hook, i cant get it to fetch information from the database. I have searched everything but no matter what i try it doenst load. The Tabel is tbladdonmodules The module is ctaa The settings is has to fetch are: logo Dropdown Field Name text I tryed the following: $logo = Capsule::table('tbladdonmodules')->where('ctaa', 'logo')->value('logo'); But this wont return anything. Could someone help me?
  6. Okay, I can show it now on every page, but still I cant get the vars i set in my module to show on the other pages, could someone help me? This is one of the var's i use: $configtext = $vars['text']; but in my hook {$configtext} shows nothing.
  7. Second question; I have some vars you can setup in the modules page, now i would like to show these in the hook but i cant get it working. I use this file mymodule/lib/Client/Controller.php And one of the vars I use is: $configtext = $vars['text']; This file has no issue showing the text that i have setup on the module page: mymodule/publicpage.tpl How can it be that the file mymodule/hooks.php doesnt show the same?
  8. Hi, I created an module that work on it's test link (it's an floating button). Now i would like to show this on every page (non admin area). Can anybody tell me how i do this? Do i have to create an hook?
  9. @zitu4life Well, The nameservers are correct but WHMCS still shows the old ip to my customers (in e.g. mails) so the site works but the plaintext info customers get is wrong.
  10. Hi, My DNS changed ip's, but even after 48h i still see the old ip's in the system, e.g. when a user creates a new account with an domain he will get an email with the name servers and the old ip's. Is there a way to update the ip's? Also the system checks if an domain uses an HTTPS cert. It looks like ones checked it doesnt check again (this is in clientarea.php?action=services) Thanks for the help.
  11. Hi, I setup an email marketer to send a mail after 5 days to a customer that has active products. The only problem is... it sends the same mail every day... What did i do wrong?
  12. Oh by the way WHMCS cant run on PHP 7.4 (correct me if i’m wrong) but Ioncube is only ready till PHP 7.3. Ioncube for 7.4 is still in beta
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