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  1. already fixed with my self using return array( 'client' => Client::orderBy('lastlogin', 'desc')->limit(6) ->get(array('email', 'id', 'firstname', 'lastname', 'ip', 'lastlogin'))->toArray(), ); $client['email']['gravatarHash'] change to md5($client['email'])
  2. example widget <?php namespace WHMCS\Module\Widget; use WHMCS\Carbon; use WHMCS\Module\AbstractWidget; use WHMCS\User\Client; class ClientOnline extends AbstractWidget { protected $title = 'Client Online'; protected $description = 'Recent online clients.'; protected $weight = 50; protected $cache = true; protected $cacheExpiry = 60; protected $requiredPermission = 'List Clients'; public function getData() { return array( 'recentActiveClients' => Client::orderBy('lastlogin', 'desc')->limit(25) ->get(array('id', 'firstname', 'lastname', 'companyname', 'ip', 'lastlogin'))->toArray(), ); } public function generateOutput($data) { $clientOutput = ''; foreach ($data['recentActiveClients'] as $client) { $clientOutput .= '<div class="client">' . '<img src="https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/' . $client['email']['gravatarHash'] . '?s=60&d=mm" width="60" height="60" />' . '<div class="name">' . $client['lastlogin']['firstname'] . ' ' . $client['lastlogin']['lastname'] . '</div>' . '<div class="note text-muted">' . Carbon::createFromFormat('Y-m-d H:i:s', $client['lastvisit'])->diffForHumans() . '</div>' . '</div>'; } return <<<EOF <div class="clients-list"> {$clientOutput} </div> EOF; } }
  3. i want show recent client login widget in admin using gravatar like ==> modules/widgets/Staff.php example image below from adminLTE anyone please help me
  4. lims

    Show hide text in configuredomains.tpl

    did you mean hide this ? open General Settings >> Domaiin >> UnCheck ==> Allow clients to transfer a domain to you
  5. lims

    Custom Hostnsname URL cPanel

    thank so much @brian! this hook work for client area
  6. i want for custom this function is work, version 7.7.1 all login user client area sidebar and admin link button go to root Hostname... not go to hostsname in configservers and how to make custom hostname will work ? any idea... ? regards
  7. lims

    {$systemurl} for PDF

    i'm using option 2.. this work perfect thanks you so much @brian! and @edvancombr
  8. lims

    {$systemurl} for PDF

    same as issues with my thread before
  9. lims

    {$systemurl} for PDF

    it is true need for invoicepdf.tpl , when using this $companyurl its work but this come to base domain setup, so i need for subdomain or sub directory work. i'm using barcode in my invoice PDF, for temporary using manual url to do it any some idea ?
  10. lims

    {$systemurl} for PDF

    want to know write {$systemurl} for PDF anyone please help... already try follow this https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/variables/ but did not get function write
  11. @brian! thanks so much.. this code is work perfect 🤞
  12. i'm already custom for viewinvoice.tpl & invoicepdf.tpl some modified only show if invoice paid and refund and replace Balance to Credit Balance in viewinvoice.tpl its work by use this <td class="text-right" colspan="3"><strong>{$LANG.statscreditbalance}</strong></td> <td class="text-center">{$clientsstats.creditbalance}</td> but i have issues in invoicepdf.tpl can't show Credit Balance Available here this PDF : $tblhtml .= ' <tr height="30" bgcolor="#efefef" style="font-weight:bold;"> <td colspan="3" align="right">' . Lang::trans('statscreditbalance') . '</td> <td align="center">' . $clientsstats.creditbalance . '</td> </tr> </table>'; $pdf->writeHTML($tblhtml, true, false, false, false, ''); Output not get show Credit Balance Available any idea for display available balance ? @brian! help me
  13. lims

    [ask] Preview Invoice PDF

    ok thanks so much @brian! i will try to use php generated
  14. lims

    [ask] Preview Invoice PDF

    PDF always in whmcs, i mean the pdf can be preview from client viewinvoice like images thumbnail preview in admin any idea ?
  15. hi all.. anyone now how to use preview invoice PDF using JS in viewinvoice demo like this https://docs.google.com/gview?url=https://tcpdf.org/files/examples/example_001.pdf Best Regards

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